Unknown Facts List on Spiders

Unknown Facts List on Spiders

The world’s oldest known spider died at 43 after being stung by a wasp. She was a female trapdoor tarantula living in Australia.

Daddy-long-leg spiders venom can’t kill you, but they can kill other spiders that are harmful to humans like redback spiders. They kill other spiders with the help of their long legs by making quick webs and eating them.

The female black lace-weaver spider beats drum on her web to call her children. After this, her children come and eat her alive.

Some spiders pretend to be ants by placing their front legs in front to look like antennae. This mimicry by spiders is called myrmecomorphy and as many as 300 spider species do this.

In many spider species like tarantulas, their legs use hydraulic blood pressure to move. When they die, their blood pressure drops, this is why they curl up.

Bagheera kiplingi is the only herbivore spider out of 46,000 known species of spiders.

The largest spider in the world is “Goliath Birdeater”. Its leg length is that of a child’s forearm (12cm). It weighs as much as a dog puppy and has fangs that can piece a human skull.

In 1973, NASA send two spiders Arabella and Anita into space to observe their web spinning. The spiders were confused for a couple of days but could eventually make even more superior webs than they did on Earth.

Female whitebanded crab spider changes its color to match the color of flowers. Although its color change is irreversible.

Nobody has died from a spider bite in Australia since 1979.

Because female spiders eat up males during sex, male spiders tie their legs with silk to avoid being eaten.

The hummingbirds use spider threads to build their nests along with some other things.

The most venomous spider is the world are Brazilian Wandering Spider. They release an active neurotoxic venom that can cause irregular blood pressure, severe pain, convulsions, and hypothermia among other things.

Males bitten by the Brazilian wandering spider get a very painful erection that can last for several hours.

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