Unique Plants That Will Spin Your Head

Unique Plants That Will Spin Your Head

Rainbow Eucalyptus looks like a tree straight from a magical land. Its trunk has natural rainbow colors. The tree has natural rainbow colors. The colors present in the form of streaks of pale green, red, orange, gray and purplish brown. It is mainly found in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea.

Magic mushrooms are famous for giving trippy experiences. Apparently, what they do is hyper connect our brain. They make the different brain regions communicate with each other which would otherwise not have communicated.

Victoria Amazonica has gigantic leaves that can stand the weight of a human baby. The leaves can grow to be 3 meters in diameter. They are found in the Amazon Rainforest

The monkey puzzle tree is an unattractive tree that wouldn’t interest most. It’s a normal-looking tree that changes as it grows older. With time, it grows very tall and loses all of its branches that lie below. The tree derives its name from the estimate that monkeys will not be able to climb it.

The leaves of the monkey puzzle tree are even more interesting. Their shape looks reptilian. What’s more – they have symmetrical branches that can grab anyone’s attention.

Snapdragons are beautiful flowers found in Europe. Only when they die, their shape is highly characteristic of a human skull. They have been associated with the paranormal since ancient Greece.

Elephant Foot Plant is found in Southeast Asia and smells like a rotting corpse. It’s a relative of the famous corpse flower which also stinks like a corpse.

Strangler Fig plant is the best example of a parasitic plant. It thrives by stealing the food of its host plant and ofen quite easily outlives the host it had been thriving on. 

There is a grape that tastes exactly like cotton candy. The grape type was the result of David Cain’s experiments with 100,000 test tube grapes to find the one that tastes perfectly like a cotton candy.

The Lithops plant camouflages itself to protect itself from being eaten. It appears as an innocent rock so that no insect would feed on it. People often mistake it for a beautiful-looking rock and take it home. It’s a harmless plant.

Hemimastix kukwesjijk is not an animal, plant, fungus or any familiar microbe type. It’s the first known of its species. 

The real-life Joker toxin exists. Remember how the Joker used to force a grin on its dying victims? There exists a poisonous plant that makes you grin after it kills you. The plant was anciently used as a “sardonic herb”. The plant is called water-dropwort.

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