Unheard Facts About Japanese People and Society

Unheard Facts About Japanese People and Society

A 74 year old disabled Japanese man once dressed himself in a ninja outfit and carried out 254 break-ins worth $260,000 until he was caught.

Despite high number of natural disasters in Japan, the Japanese bullet trains never delay for more than 54 seconds. If the train is delayed by more than five minutes, the passengers are issued a certificate they can show to their boss as the late excuse.

On March 11, 2011, a seismometer in a Japanese bullet train detected an earthquake 12 seconds before it hit. It sent the signal to 33 trains to stop. Only one of the bullet trains derailed that day.

In 1938 Berlin Olympics, two Japanese pole vaulters tied for the second place but refused to compete against each other for the tie-breaker. They cut their silver and bronze medals so each athlete had half-silver and half-bronze medal.

Japanese football fans always clean up the stadium after the world cup games. This tradition has been carried on since 1988 World Cup.

The sociological phenomenon to completely alienate themselves from themself from the society is known as Hikikomori in Japan. Approximately 1 million Japanese indulge in it.

The Japanese education system insists on students learning to clean the school themselves to emphasize of respect, responsibility and equality. Most Japanese schools do not have janitors.

The japanese repair broken pottery with powder gold lacquer to highlight imperfections instead of hiding them. The process is called Kintsugi.

As per the Japanese ideology of “Wa”, all people strive to put societal benefit above individual benefit.

Death row inmates in Japan are never told their execution date. They wake up each day thinking it might be their last day.

There is a Japanese island, Yakushima in which macaque monkeys ride deer for transportation. In exchange they take care of the deer and share food with them.

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