Unbelievable Facts About US Presidents

Unbelievable Facts About US Presidents

The eighteenth president of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, received a speeding ticket of $ 20 while riding a horse cart in Washington, DC.

John Tyler, tenth President of the United States, was a great violinist. During his presidency, Tyler often played the violin at parties to entertain guests at the White House, and actually aspired to be a soloist violinist.

The 30th US president Calvin Coolidge used to sound the buzzer to call his bodyguards and then hid under the desk.

The brain of John F. Kennedy was stolen after his murder by Robert Kennedy to prevent it from being tested.

Barack Obama made it legal for Americans to own asteroids in 2015.

A large number of people in the White House reported to have seen the spirit of Abraham Lincoln. These were Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Jackie Kennedy.

George W. Bush (43rd US President from 2001 to 2009) was a cheerleader at high school during his studies.

Eight of the US presidents have died in office. Four of them were assassinated, which included Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John F. Kennedy. The rest died due to natural causes, that included William H. Harrison (pneumonia), Zachary Taylor (gastroenteritis), Warren Harding (infarction) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (stroke).

Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler in his youth. He only lost one bout out of nearly 300 bouts. He is also the tallest president the USA has had so far. He was 6 feet and 4 inches (1.9 meters) tall.

President Lincoln suffered from depression and therefore never carried a knife .

Lyndon Johnson, the 36th president of the US used to have an amphibious car on which he gave rides to his guests. He would pretend as if brakes had failed and raced the car into water.

The parrot of Andrew Jackson was abusive and might have acquired the the knowledge of abuses from Jackson himself.

A US President gets the salary of $ 33,333 a month.

Jimmy Carter, the 39th US President claimed to have seen a UFO during his tenure as the governor of Georgia. The experts said what he saw was the planet Venus, but Carter was still not convinced.

The President and his family live rent-free, but pay themselves for their food and all other products that they consume in the White House.

President Eisenhower once said that he preferred pizza from New York rather than pizza from Naples, causing a diplomatic crisis.

A library book borrowed by George Washington in 1789 was not returned until 2010.

Lincoln actually wore a beard only in his last 5 years.

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