Ultimate Facts About Weight Loss

Ultimate Facts About Weight Loss

Through time, certain facts and myths were established about weight loss and fat accumulation in humans. We present to you ultimate facts about weight loss.

1. In the 1930s, women used to be made to eat tapeworms in order to lose weight. Tapeworms eat fat cells. Apart from the fact that it was nauseating to eat tapeworms, the diet was life-threatening. Tapeworms laid eggs in the various parts of the body that cause seizures, dementia, and meningitis.

2. Chewing a strong-flavored sugar-free gum is a good strategy to suppress your appetite.

3. Sleep deprivation causes a hormone imbalance that disturbs your appetite. Getting enough sleep is the key step in any weight loss treatment.

4. It is a myth that eating breakfast is important to lose weight.

5. Amid hundreds of diet plans and weight loss secrets, there are 4 basic rules common in all of them. 1. Eat whole grains to get your carbs. 2. Don’t eat trans fat or saturated fat. 3. Eat more protein but avoid red meat. 4. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

6. Most weight loss supplements are useless after making you lose a few pounds.

7. If you eat your food in a red plate, you’re more likely to eat less. Since red is the color of caution, it makes you subconsciously aware of the dangers of eating heavily.

8. If you drink a can of diet soda daily, you increase your risk of obesity by 41%.

9. Fat cells are present on every part of our body except groin, oesophagus, and eyelids.

10. The heaviest weight ever recorded for a human being was 1400 lb. The person also managed to hold the record for the highest the highest amount of weight of 900 lb.

11. Contrary to the popular belief that cocaine kills appetite, it actually enhances appetite but boosts metabolism which helps to lose weight.

12. Making out can burn 96 calories per hour while watching TV burns 64.

13. A person named Mark Haub once ate nothing but Twinkies, Doritos chips, and other foods high in sugar and saturated fats to prove that one can lose weight while eating unhealthy food too. He managed to lose 27 pounds in ten weeks. Mark Haub is a professor in human nutrition from Kansas State University.

14. A study shows that using a smaller dish for eating can help you lose weight. This is because smaller dishes fill to the brink with just small amounts of food and make us think that we have eaten enough.

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