Three Animals with Blue Tongues - Why Their Tongues Are Blue?

Why These Three Animals Have Blue Tongue

These three animals have a characteristic blue, purple or lavender tongue that makes them particularly different. These are the blue-tongue lizard, the Chow Chow dog and the black bear. But why do they have blue colored tongue?

Blue tongue lizard

The blue-colored tongue of these lizards serves as protection against predators. They use bright colors to intimidate predators. Among the blue tongue lizard is the blue tongues skink which is commonly found in the savannahs and semi-arid regions of Australia. They use their tongues to catch their prey and use their peculiar tongue to smell their surroundings.

Chow Chow Dog

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The tongue of the chow chow dog is pink when the chow chow is a new born puppy. It starts turning blue-purple 8 – 10 weeks later. Their tongues are blue because of deposition of too much pigments produced by melanin. This pigmentation could also be on other parts of their body such as gums. Chow chow dogs are of Chinese origin. Another dog breed that has blue tongue is the Shar Pei. Shar pei is also of Chinese origin. Chow chow literally means swollen lion dog, while Shar Pei means Sand Skin

Black Bear

The most famous bear in North America, black bear has a blue tongue too. This is because underneath their fur, their skin is black too. The black skin helps them keep warm in winters. The same level of pigmentation also exists on their tongues. These bears can live for up to 30 years. Despite their large size they can run at fast speed of 55 km/h.  


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