How Do Bilby Survive In The Desert – Bilby Adaptations

Bilbies are the largest bandicoots and are found in Australia. These small-sized marsupials are predated extensively by wild cats. Of the bilbies, one species known as the lesser bilby has become extinct, while the greater bilby is an endangered species. Bilbies in Desert Bilbies were once widely found throughout Australia. Today, however, bilby population is … Read moreHow Do Bilby Survive In The Desert – Bilby Adaptations

Facts About The Greater Bilby

The greater bilbies are marsupials native to Australia. They are also simply known as bilbies today because the “lesser bilby” became extinct. Here are some fun and interesting facts about the greater bilby. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Species: Lagotis Scientific name: Macrotis Lagotis Length: up to 55 centimetres Life Span: 3 to 5 years Diet: … Read moreFacts About The Greater Bilby