Facts About Famous Cannibals

Slaughtering Facts About Famous Cannibals

Cannibal and serial killer Richard Chase would only break into houses that were unlocked. He perceived unlocked houses as an invitation and locked houses as places where the occupants did not want him to enter.

The Venezuelan serial killer, Dorangel Vargas was also a cannibal who refused to eat fat people because they had too much cholesterol.

Serial killer and cannibal Nathaniel Bar-Jonah used to hold cookouts in which he served burgers to his guests, saying that he hunted deer for making the burgers. He, however, did not even own a rifle and was serving human flesh in burgers.

Believed to be one of the most notorious serial killer and cannibal, Sture Bergwall was incarcerated for committing 30 murders, rapes and cannibalism. It was later found that he was actually lying and had never really committed those crimes.

Joseph Stalin sent 6,000 people to “Cannibal Island” in Siberia and with nothing except some flour. The people soon became cannibals and within a 13 weeks, ⅔ of the people sent were dead or eaten.

A German engineer named Bernd Brandes volunteered to be “killed and eaten” after seeing an ad on the internet. The cannibal Armin Meriwes was sent to jail for eating Bernd, soon after which he became a vegetarian.

There are three types of cannibals. Exocannibals eat people outside their close family, friends and social group. Endocannibals eat their own family members. Survival cannibals eat anyone for their survival.

The movie Cannibal Holocaust director, Eli Roth showed his movie with many violent scenes to people living in a village in Peru, who had never seen a movie in their life. Apparently those villagers laughed at the movie.

Due to a loophole in Japan’s law, a convicted cannibal Issei Sagawa is living freely.

James Jameson, heir to an Irish whiskey company bought an eleven year old girl to cannibals because he wanted to know how she was cooked and eaten during the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition.

Udre Udre, a Fijian has the Guiness World Record for being the most prolific cannibal with over 872 victims.

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