Freaky Facts About Halloween

Freaky Facts About Halloween
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Year long, from kids to adults, everyone waits for Halloween. It declares the onset of winter and gives us a reason to dress in spooky and creative outfits. For kids, Halloween is all about trick or treat and halloween costumes, but there are several reasons why this festival is so loved. Check out some freaky facts about Halloween.


  1. Halloween did not originate in the US

Halloween is not from the US but from Ireland. So Halloween was originally called All Hallow’s Eve – The evening before All Saints Day. As part of the numerous Irish emigrants to the United States, the tradition spread there as well. Due to the attractiveness of the popular use was quickly absorbed by other sections of the population and thus developed into an important folk festival.

  1. The custom of the pumpkins also comes from Ireland.


  1. There was a miscreant named Jack Oldfield in Ireland. He catched the devil through a fraud and then released him under under condition that that he would never come in Jack O’s way again. When Jack died, he couldn’t to go to heaven nor hell because of his doings. The devil although, had mercy on him and gifted him a beet and a burning ember so that he could walk in  dark.
    So, it was not always the pumpkins, but beets. Due to abundance of pumpkin in the US, the tradition changed to carving pumpkins instead.
    This is why pumpkins are called as Jack O’Lanterns


  1. Black and orange are more often seen during Halloween. This is because the orange color is believed to be a symbol of strength and endurance. While black is considered a symbol of death and darkness. These two colors also signify a festival that marks the border between the real world and death.


  1. While the Catholics see the evening before All Saints’ Day, the Protestants celebrate the Reformation. According to tradition, the monk and theology professor Martin Luther struck his 95 theses on the evening before All Saints’ Day in 1517 at the door of the castle church in Wittenberg. Thus he initiated the reformation of the church.


  1. Pumpkin farmers are looking forward to Halloween every year – tens of thousands of pumpkins are bought for one purpose only: hollow out, scary eyes and mouth parts cut, candle in and out of the front door.

  1. Where Halloween has its origin, is not clear . However, it is believed to date back to the Celtic Samhain. A festival that was celebrated more than 2000 years ago on the eve of the 1st of November – one of the oldest festivals ever! The Celts believed that here the gates to beings of the “other world” were open.


  1. By the way, the biggest pumpkin in the world weighs 1.2 tons. A Belgian succeeded in cultivating this almost monstrous vegetable.


  1. On October 31, not only Halloween is celebrated, but also the Reformation Day. Because on this day in the year 1517 – 500 years ago so then – Martin Luther is said to have attached his famous theses to the Wittenberg Castle Church.


  1. Originally, Halloween was an ancient festival called Samhain and carried out by Gael ethnicity. This festival is held to celebrate the harvest season that has ended. Well, the Gael ethnic group has a belief that October 31 is the day of the border between the real world and death.
    Then, they also believe that spirits will come to the world to make havoc for people who are still alive.


  1. The Mexicans do not celebrate Halloween, their festival on October 31 is called: Día de los Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Unlike All Saints Day, the Day of the Dead is not a mourning event, but a colorful folk festival – to honor the deceased. On the streets there is a lot of activity, cemeteries are decorated and decorated with flowers.


  1. Originating in Europe, the All Hallow’s Eve had its breakthrough in the US and Canada. Since the 1990s, Halloween, due to the Americanization, increasingly spread in Europe. The festival was first celebrated in France and Germany.


  1. In America, this Halloween celebration is the 3rd biggest party of the year after the New Year and Superbowl Sunday sports party.Freaky Facts About Halloween

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