Facts Only Smart People Need to Know

12.5 Facts Only Smart People Need to Know

1. Pauli Effect is the tendency of the technical equipment to fail in the presence of certain people, such as Pauli. Wolfgang Pauli was banned from entering laboratories where important experiments were going on. His own best friend banned him too. He supposedly caused the “Pauli Effect”. Don’t laugh at Pauli yet. He was a notable physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics.

2. Confirmation bias is a type of cognitive bias displayed by some people. In this, people only collect or interpret information that confirms their pre-existing beliefs. The longer held their beliefs are held, the stronger is the confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is said to surely exist where there is a bias reasoning is inaccurate.

3. Pareiodolia is the tendency to see familiar shapes, faces, or objects in something vague, such as clouds, or abstract patterns. If you see familiar shapes more often than others, your brain might be better wired than the brain of others!

4. Mandela Effect is one of the most widely debated subject in the world. Often called false memory, in this effect, a large number of unrelated people have an exactly similar false memory. Such as, many people remember that Nelson Mandela died in 1980s, but he actually died in 2013. Some other examples include false memory of Billy Graham’s death, number of states in the US and many more.

4.5 Some people believe that Mandela Effect is due to the existence of parallel universes. They believe that some people somehow shift from once universe to another and have the memories of the other universes.

5. Benjamin Franklin Effect, you will like someone more after you do them a favor. The effect came up when Benjamin Franklin borrowed a rare book from his competitor and returned it with a note of thanks. After this episode, his rival became much more friendlier with him and the two men became good friends.

6. If you dream of something you did during the day, it means you did your work with a lot of focus. The effect is known as “Tetris Effect”. If you are getting dreams of Maths home work, you should probably give yourself a pat on the back.

7. The average IQ of each generation is steadily rising, but the IQ tests are made harder to maintain the average IQ at 100. This effect is called “Flynn Effect” It means that the children today that score below average might actually have had an IQ over 100 in the past.

8. The Bystander Effect is a phenomenon, where people are less likely to take the responsibility of helping someone when there are other people present. This is why bystanders or passersby fail to help someone, hoping that someone else would.

9. The more we hear something, the more likely we are to believe it to be true. It is a fact and also called “illusion of truth effect”

11. Researchers once made an excellent presenter deliver an absolute nonsense, jargon filled lecture as a part of an experiment. The lecture was rated highly. The effect is known as “Dr Fox Effect”.

12. Opening a new door creates a “mental block” in our brain. During this, our current memories are reset to make space for new ones. This is why you forget what you wanted to get when you enter a new room.

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