Facts About the Amazon Rainforest

Facts About the Amazon Rainforest
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The Amazon rainforest in  South America is home to an incredible variety of animal flora and fauna. It is one of the most important places on earth. Here are some amazing unique facts about the amazon rainforests.

It covers 9 nations

Brazil has 64% of the Amazon rainforest, while Peru has 13% and Colombia has 10% of the Amazon rainforest.

390 billion trees

It is estimated that there are a total of 390 billion trees in the Amazon. It has over 16,000 species of trees.

Home to many tribes

It is believed that there could be as many as 100 tribes living in the Amazon rainforests about which us civilized people don’t know.

Enormous size

It occupies 6.7 million km squared of area, which is twice the size of India.

Producer of 20% of earth’s oxygen

They are also called the lungs of earth because of their enormous contribution in the oxygen we breathe.

10% of biodiversity of earth is found in the Amazon

Not just that, many of the species found in the Amazon rainforests are endangered.

“Amazon” is derived from Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Amazon was a tribe of female warriors that “hated” men.

Amazon river used to flow in the opposite direction in ancient times

About 100 million years ago, Amazon used to flow from east to west and flowed into the Atlantic Ocean. This was when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

A river underneath the Amazon River

A river named the Hamza river flows at the depth of 4,000 meters for approximately 6,000 kilometers, right underneath the Amazon river.

There was no bridge on the Amazon river until 2010

Surprisingly, for the entire width of the Amazon river, you will hardly ever come across a bridge. The only bridge that exists on the river is Rio-Negro Bridge that connects Manaus and Iranduba cities in Brazil. It is 3.6 kilometers in length.

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