Facts About Slime

Facts About Slime

Watching satisfying videos of slime is a big craze on Instagram. Kids and adults, both enjoy playing with it. This oddly satisfying substance has more to it. When was the first slime made and who made it, what is slime made of, what are the different kinds of slime that exist today, here are some amazing facts about slime.

1. Slime Ingredients Information

Slime is quite easy to make. It’s a popular favorite among kids for the reasons that it is easy to make. Some throw in some borax, Elmer’s Glue, water, and other ingredients to give it the desired color or smell. Borax is the essential linking agent in the slime. When borax solution and glue are mixed with each other, the borax ions link the molecules together and stops them from flowing easily. Which is why slime is somewhere between solid and liquid.

The slime was so popular and loved that the U.S actually witnessed a shortage of Elmer’s Glue. Borax is harmful to humans because on entering the body, it turns into boric acid. However, it quite safe to touch and play.

Facts About Slime

2. Why Slime Videos Are So Soothing

Some say that watching slime videos was as soothing as yoga for them. The reason it is so fantastic to watch someone’s hands mold the slime is that it provides ASMR relief, which is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. As per Science, ASMR is a physical sensation of tingling beginning from the scalp that travels all the way down to the spine and the limbs. ASMR is also called as AIHO (Attention Induced HeadOrgasm) or AIE (Attention Induced Euphoria).

In fact, ASMR can help insomnia patients fall asleep since it provides relaxation. People who have trouble falling asleep can watch lengthy slime videos that last for hours until they eventually doze off on their own.

Facts About Slime

3. Slime and Money

Teenage girls, even children at the age of 11 made their Instagram channels and uploaded bright, sparkly slime videos that made them money. It took negligible investment money and earned them thousands of dollars. Some Instagrammers have also made a six figure sum by running their slime channels on Instagram.

Facts About Slime

4. Slime Is a No-No in Germany

Borax is banned in Germany because of its connection with infertility. This was why the people could find no borax in the markets of Germany and only satisfied themselves by watching the videos uploaded on Instagram by other slime makers.

Facts ABout slime

5. History of Slime

So where did it all begin? Slime began back in the retro days of 1976. It was introduced by the popular toy maker, Mattel. It was green in color, made from borax and guar gum. It looked gross and was obviously fascinating for kids to play pranks using it. It resembled a lot with boogers. Following this, Mattel made many toys that employed the green goop that also included monsters and other fun and gross stuff.

Facts about Slime

6. What Science Says About Slime

As per Science, Slime is a cross-linked polymer and is classified as a liquid. Also, it is classified as a Non-Newtonian fluid, i.e., it resembles both solids and liquids. Slime can be easily destroyed by vinegar. Vinegar will completely dissolve it.

Facts About Slime

7. Types of Slime

Slime is many different types. They all look different and can be made by choosing specific ingredients. Although, two ingredients are the same in all slimes – Glue and Borax. The various types of slime are – Basic Slime, Transparent/ Clear Slime, Floam Slime, Fishbowl Slime, Fluffy Slime, Slushie Slime, Glitter Slime, Bubbly Slime, Iceberg Slime, Avalanche Slime, and many more!

More Facts About Slime

  1. TV shows used green goopy slime to pour on the losing contestants.
  2. Slime mixes well with mayonnaise.
  3. Slime is produced by some animals to ward off predators.
  4. Hagfish, when attacked by a predator, releases a chemical that turns the surrounding water into slime which chokes the predator.
  5. Google called 2017 the ‘Year of the Slime’. It was the trendiest topic!
  6. Slime is never spoiled. You can store it for as long as you want.
  7. The Television Show “Double Dare” used to throw gooey-looking green slime on its contestants.
  8. Fluffy/ Puffy Slime is most loved by kids, because of its soft and fluffy nature. It is made by adding some shaving cream to your slime mixture.
  9. A twelve-year-old, Maddie Rae, has the Guinness Record of making the biggest slime in the world. It weighed six tons.
  10. A ten-year-old made a record of making the stretchiest slime. She stretched her slime to 7ft 4 in (2.22 m) in 30 seconds.




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