Facts About Sarcasm

Facts About Sarcasm

Sarcasm is often termed as the highest form of intelligence. It not only increases the brain activity of the speaker but also of the listener. Here are some cool facts about sarcasm.

1. Sarcasm is a sign of a healthy brain. It proves that their brain is capable of seeing a situation in a different light and are creative.

2. After studying the brains of sarcastic people using MRIs, the researchers found out that sarcasm originates from the brain region, para-hippocampal gyrus. This also the region associated with memory.

3. Sarcastic people are more creative and better at abstract thinking. In a study with groups of sarcastic and non-sarcastic people, it was found that sarcastic people were more creative than non-sarcastic ones.

4. Sarcasm can help calm down a stressful situation or in a conflict provided that the people in the situation understand the sarcasm.

5. Sarcastic people have better problem solving skills due to their intellectual mind. This is because sarcasm requires brain to do extra work. This works as brain workout and increases the intellectual capacity of the speaker as well as the listener.

6. Sarcastic people are often thick-skinned. They rarely victimize themselves. This is because they take their aggression out by making sarcastic comments, rather than saying, “why me”.

7. Sarcastic people are often more sarcastic around people they are comfortable with. It is important for sarcastic people that people around them understand and appreciate their sarcasm and sense of humor. It’s even better if they find someone who gives sarcastic replies to their sarcastic comments.

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