Facts About Lollipops

Facts About Lollipops
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Lollipops are famous and loved. They are of interest to kids as well as adults. So how did the world invent lollipop? Who came up with the idea of inserting a stick in a candy? Know about interesting, weird and funny lollipop facts in this article.

  1. Lollipops were invented in Asia by Chinese, Arabs, and Egyptians. They made simple candies that dipped in honey and mounted on a stick to make it easy to eat them. Europeans loved the idea of a sweet mounted on a stick. It was fun to eat.
  2. Lollipops were once known as “Dum Dum Suckers”. They were called so because the name was easy to say for the kids.
  3. The meaning of the term “Lollipop” is “tongue slap”.
  4. The world’s largest lollipop maker is the “Tootsie Roll”. They make 16 million lollipops per day.
  5. World’s largest lollipop weighed 7000 pounds and was mounted on a 12 foot stick. It was made by the company See’s Candies of California and was chocolate flavored.
  6. A manufacturer in Racine, Wisconsin made the world’s fastest lollipop making machine in 1908. It could produce 40 lollipops in a minute.
  7. The first marketed lollipop was made by George Smith in 1908. Lollipop was the name of a racing horse. The lollipops he made also consisted of a softer candy rather than a hard candy.
  8. A 0.5 oz (14 g) lollipop has 26 calories.
  9. National lollipop day is celebrated in June 20th.
  10. The word “lollypop” was first used by Charles Dickens in one of his novels in the 18th century.
  11. Lollypop was most popular during the 1940s. During this year, children falling down because of the lollypop in their mouth was very common.
  12. The first song on lollypops was made by “The Chordettes” in 1958.
  13. Many songs continued to feature lollypop in their lyrics. In fact, many other language songs had lollypop in their songs.
  14. Lollipops are not just for kids. While kids eat candy lollipops, adults can eat tequila flavored or beer flavored lollipops.
  15. There are also some lollipop variants that have insects like scorpions or spiders in them which you can get to eat after licking off the outer candy.

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