Facts About Flathead Catfish

Flat-headed Catfish is a yellow-brown carnivorous fish that is found in North America. Its scientific name is Pylodictis Olivaris. It is a species of North American Freshwater Catfish. It looks like any other catfish except that it has a flathead. It called by many other names such as mudfish, shovelhead cat, yellow cat, pied cat, Mississippi cat and Opelousa cat.

Flathead Catfish Habitat

Flathead catfish are native to North American Appalachian Mountains. They can be found in rivers of Mississippi, Missouri, and, Ohio. They prefer freshwater but can survive some salinity in water.

A flathead catfish can give up to 10,000 eggs. Out of the total, only a few offsprings survive to adulthood.

Flathead Catfish Appearance Size (They are known for their long length)

Flathead catfish can measure up to 1 meter (3.5 foot) in length. The adult flathead catfish is yellow-brown in color. While the younger fish’s color can very dark to almost black.

They can weigh up to 45 Kg. The largest known weight of a flathead catfish is 56 Kg (and measured 175 cm).

The head of the flathead catfish is flattened and broad with a huge projecting jaw.

Where to find Flathead Catfish

Flat-headed catfish is usually found in lower Lakes through the Mississippi River basin to the Gulf states.

Flathead Catfish Invasive Species

Flathead catfish, along with its cousin Blue catfish are considered an invasive species. Their predatory behavior has led to a decline in other species of fish. They can now be found in almost every major tributary in the Chesapeake Bay area and Gulf of Mexico.

Flathead Catfish DIet

Flathead catfish are predators that feed on other fish, lobsters, bream, and, bass. They can also feed on some insects and worms.

Flathead catfish is a preferred fish for fishing by anglers owing to its good population.

Flathead catfish can fall prey to alligators, snakes, larger fish and humans.

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