Elvis Presley Facts

Facts About Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley had a twin. Jesse Presley was a stillborn identical twin of Elvis Presley. Both were born in their parents’ two room house in East Tupelo.

Elvis bought Graceland for $102,500 when he was 22.

Elvis Presley served in the army when he was 23-year-old. The event got major media coverage. He attended the training at Fort Hood, Texas. He retired after achieving the rank of sergeant in 1960.

When Elvis Presley died, seven desperate fans of his also committed suicide, causing shock across the nation.

Elvis Presley was the first ever musician to give concerts even after his death. In 1997, his concerts were held on a video screen.

The track that stayed on top of charts for the longest for Elvis was G.I. Blues.

Elvis Presley never gave a performance outside North America. The only time he have live performance outside United States was in Canada in 1957. It might have been because his manager Colonel Parker was an illegal immigrant who feared being identified.

Elvis Presley’s outfits including the boots and the hairstyles are inspired by Captain Marvel Jr.

Both Elvis Presley and former US President were the descendants of a winemaker Valentin Pressler who had migrated to USA in 18th century.

Elvis Presley held the largest ever concert of 1.5 billion people from 40 countries, where he gave performance on “Aloha from Hawaii”.

“Elvis has left the building” (“Elvis has left the building”) is a household word. It was given by Horace Lee Logan, who after an Elvis appearance in 1956 appealed to the fans not to rush outside, watch the next artists performance. Afterwards, spokesmen frequently attacked him to get fans to leave for Elvis concerts.

Elvis began his career as a ballad singer. He accidentally sang his own version of “That’s All Right”. It was Sam Phillips, the studio owner recognized Elvis Presley for his unique voice.

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