Facts About Butterfly Wings

Facts About Butterfly Wings

Butterflies are fluttery and pretty looking insects with vibrant bright wings. They belong to the order Lepidoptera. They are in fact, quite similar to moths. Here are some amazing facts about butterfly wings

The wings are transparent

Although it has colored wings and is striking, it turns out that the wings of the butterfly are transparent. The wing of the butterfly itself is formed from layers of chitin, which is a protein that forms the exoskeleton of an insect.

Why the wings are so vibrant

Thousands of small scales that surround the chitlin and scales will reflect light in several different colors. The older the age of a butterfly, the transparency of the wings will be more visible.

They Use their wings to disguise themselves

Butterflies are in a very low position in the food chain, so many predators target them. Some of the tricks performed by butterflies one of them is to disguise themselves with their wings along with nature so that predators find it difficult to find them.

They cannot fly at cold temperatures

Butterflies are cold-blooded animals, so they cannot control the temperature of their bodies. A butterfly needs an ideal body temperature at 30 degrees Celsius to fly which they can only achieve from outside warmth.

How are butterflies different from moths

The fundamental difference between butterflies and moths can be seen from the wings. Butterflies have brighter wings, while moths are darker.

The largest and the smallest wingspan

The Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing butterflies found in Papua New Guinea have a wingspan of up to 25 cm (12 inches), which is the largest. The butterfly with the smallest wingspan is Western Pygmy Blue with a wingspan of 0.5 inches. They are found in the western U.S.

Older butterflies have more transparent wings

As the butterfly grows older, it will bring up a transparent point where the chitin layer will be exposed. So the older the butterfly, the more transparent the wings will look.

Butterfly wings take time to gain strength for flying

Butterflies are born with small wilted and wrinkled wings. Butterflies must immediately pump body fluids into their wing veins to develop them. When the wings reach full size, the butterfly must rest for several hours to let its body dry and harden before flying for the first time.

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