Examples of Mandela Effect That Will Mess Up Your Mind

Examples of Mandela Effect
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Mandela Effect is a term for memory deviation observed in a group of people who are equally mistaken for remembering events or memory in detail. The effect gets its name from the fact that, a large group of people remember and feel the same memory that Nelson Mandela had died before he died on the actual date and year. Surprisingly, many of these people believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison around the 1980s. The effect suddenly became more popular on the internet in 2010. Also, there was another that made this effect more popular. Many people felt and discussed the strangeness of a book that didn’t match the facts according to their memory version. The confusion was about the exact spelling of the popular children’s books and television series called The Berenstain Bears, and some people insist the correct spelling is Berenstein. Here, I have listed some mind-boggling and interesting examples of Mandela Effect.

1. We are not the champions?

we are the champions - examples of mandela effect

Queen’s song, We Are The Champions , is one of the most famous songs on earth. The closing part of the song,”No time for losers, ’cause we are the champions … of the world …” is certainly familiar with our ears. However, in the original version, Freddie Mercury never recorded the final part of the song as we remember. The truth is,”No time for losers, cause we are the champions.” And that is it. So why is the wrong version remembered?

2. “Oscar Meyer” is not spelled that way

Oscar_Mayer_- examples of Mandela Effect

In fact, it is the most famous hot dog and lunch brand that the world knows is Oscar Mayer, but people are frustrated because they remember it as Meyer, with an “e.” Many people remember the jingles of advertisements and insist on the lyrics “Bologna I have a first name, it’s OSCAR / My bologna. I have a second name, it’s MAYER!” Although, there are no second thoughts on the fact that it is actually spelled as “Mayer”.

3. People think the Monopoly man, Rich Uncle Pennybags, has a monocle, but he does not

Uncle Pennybags examples of Mandela Effect
Source: drawception.com

Maybe they just confuse it with Mr. Nuts, Planter bean mascots, who also use top tops and carries sticks, but there are some people who don’t seem to understand how Monopolists are monocle-less, when they really know them to own them.

4. Curious George never had a tail

Curious George - examples of mandela effect
Source: www.curiousgeorge.com

Many people even claim to remember seeing him use his tail to swing from trees. If you look at Curious George’s photos now, you will know that he has no tail, which means that your memory can play tricks on you, or maybe you just drift into a parallel universe.

5. C-3PO is not all gold

C-3PO Examples of mandela Effect

Many Star Wars fanatics remember the C-3PO was truly gold and thrown just like that when they discovered that he should have silver legs all the time. Lots of memorabilia doesn’t even accentuate the silver legs. Needless to say it was a surprise for fans who have watched the movies often, but never noticed the characteristics of popular characters.

6. Mona Lisa used to be emotionless


Mona Lisa - Examples of Mandela Effect

Many people enthusiastically insist that the Mona Lisa has changed, because they remember her having a straight face, but now they feel as if she is smirking. I thought her smile was the most characteristic feature of the portrait. How is that the people remember otherwise?

7. Kit Kat does not have a dash

kit kat - Examples of Mandela Effect

Some people seem to remember that there was a little dash in Kit Kat, making it a “Kit-Kat,” but there was none, and that frustrated them because they were sure of the time when there was one.

8. People remember a Sinbad genie movie from the ’90s

Many claim to remember the 90s Jinn movie starring in Sinbad; The only problem is, there never was one. The same people insisted that they did not confuse him with the 1996 Kazaam film, which starred in Shaq as a genie. They do not know the title, or what happened to the existence of the film, but they are very confident, that is something.

9. The Queen in the movie Snow White never said, “Mirror, mirror on the wall.”

Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall - Examples of Mandela Effect

You must have the famous quote from Snow White several times, which is, “Mirror, mirror on the wall,” it turns out that the correct line is “magic mirror on the wall.” Some people also remember the second part of it. The quote is “Who is the most beautiful of them all?” But it turned out that “Who is the most beautiful of all?”

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