Facts About Stranger Things

Eerie Facts About Stranger Things

‘Eleven’ in Stranger Things is inspired by an anime “Elfen Lied”. The anime consisted of a girl named Lucy who has some strange powers and split personality. In turn, the anime Elfen Lied was inspired by the anime “Akira”.

Maya hawke is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. She joined the series in the third season as Robin. 

Stranger Things also draws influence from Project Montauk, a supposed secret government program that involves kidnapping of homeless people to use them in experiments. The Montauk Experiment involved some of the craziest things one can images. From time travel to aliens and mind control, it has it all.

Eleven’s mother is an amputee athlete and model in real life. Aimee Mullins, in real life has competed against fully-abled athletes using her prosthetic legs.

Stranger Things Season 3 has reached a record 40.7 million accounts – the highest ever reached by any TV show within the first four days of its season. Of those 40.7 million, more than 18 million have already binge watched the entire season. 

Various networks rejected Stranger Things 15  to 20 times until it was finally accepted by Netflix.

Stranger Things doesn’t capture how things were like in the 80s but instead how it felt to watch the 80s movies.

Amazon joked about cancelling Stranger Things if Netflix cancelled Good Omens.

Because it became so popular, the makers had to learn to keep their shoot locations secret. They received secret keeping tips from Game of Thrones producers. 

The pink dress Eleven wears in the series was quite famous in the 70s and is based on Polly Finder brand that made dresses.

The font used to write “Stranger Things” is inspired from the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s handbook that existed in the late 80s.

The sinister “MK Ultra” in Stranger Things is inspired from a real a real life project by the CIA. The project was to experiment mind control, with experiments done on human subjects. Some of these experiments were illegal.

Demogorgon, the monster lives in the upside world, which is quite similar to the world in video game Silent Hill. The creators created Demogorgon to make it easily recognizable even in the dark because of its silhouette.

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