Doctor Joseph Mengel Facts – The Doctor at Auschwitz Camps

Joseph Mengele was born in 1911 in Günzburg, Bavaria in a wealthy catholic family. He was the doctor at Auschwitz concentration camps, which housed 140,000 prisoners.

1. Josef was very interested in heterochromia. He tried to change the color of children’s eyes by injecting chemicals in them.

2. He tried to prove gypsies and jews as genetically inferior by performing several experiments. He was keenly interested in the Aryan race and believed it to be the most supreme.

3. He performed most of his experiments on twin children in the camp. Out of 1,500 pairs of twins in the camp, only 200 survived his atrocities. He performed blood transfusions between twins to see if the twins survived.

4. Due to his curiosity with the Siamese twins, he sewed two twins back to back and connected their blood vessels and organs. As per the witnesses, the twins screamed from pain until gangrene set in and led to their death on the third day. The gangrene also caused an unbearable smell in their cell.

5. Eva and Miriam Mozes were among the few twins who survived the ordeal at Auschwitz. They too were subject to experimentation and were given injections to study their impact on human body.

6. He wanted to preserve the Aryan race, thus invented new ways of sterilizing women that was often painful and deadly. The experiments included injecting into female reproductive organs that caused them to swell and hurt unbearably.

7. Mengele experimented with twins and people with physical deformities. He performed medical examinations on them that lasted for hours and were performed without anesthesia. The subjects were often already starved, weak and terrified, which made the examinations much more painful. When he was done experimenting, he would kill them with a phenol injection.

8. He separated new born babies from their mothers. He forced the mothers to put tape on their nipples just to see how long could the newborn survive without feeding.

9. He injected many prisoners with lethal germs that caused them unimaginable diseases. The purpose of this was to invent biological weapons.

10. To study the result of an incestual relationship, he forced siblings into reproduce sexually.

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