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Delicious Facts About Food

Feeding a hen a diet full of red peppers will yield eggs with red yolk. The diet of red peppers will not have any negative effect on the poultry because all the birds are immune to spicy food. A feed that contains a lot of maize will also have the same effect.

Ever wondered how many calories are there in a human? An average human body contains 81,500 calories. A single human arm contains about 1,800 calories and a single human leg contains about 7,150 calories. One human body of average size can feed a person for at least one month.

One day in future vegans will be able to enjoy milk too. A team of scientists is working on lab-grown milk which can also be used to produce cheese, butter, and ice-cream, all of which will be vegan-friendly. Lab-grown milk will also reduce the carbon footprint of the natural milk industry.

Rabbit starvation is when you die of starvation due to complete-rabbit-diet. The starvation occurs due to lack of fat in rabbit diet. Complete absence of fat in the diet is also called as protein poisoning. 

The Hawaiian pizza was not invented in Hawaii but Canada. It is most popular in Australia.

You can find over 200 flavors of Kit-Kat in Japan.This is because “Kit-Kat” is similar to Japanese word, “Kitto Katsu”, which means “good luck”. This made the chocolate bar popular among students appearing for exams.

Reheated pasta or bread will increase the blood glucose levels by 50% less.

McDonald’s Caesar Salad has more number of fat and calories than a Double Big Mac burger.

Broccoli is not a naturally occuring vegetable. It was created by scientists and bred from wild cabbage.

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not berries because they are yielded from more than one ovaries. To be classified as a berry, the fruit should stem from only one flower and one ovary. Bananas, watermelons, and pumpkins are berries.

Black garlic is sweet, sour and syrupy garlic made by heating garlic bulbs for several weeks. The result is delicious black garlic cloves. It is a popular ingredient in Japan and is called Kuro ninniku.

Garlic is the most antibacterial food known to us.

Children have no limit to how much sweet is too much and can eat copious amounts of sugar. Any amount of sugar is palatable until our bone growth stops. 

White chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa solids and is made of cocoa butter instead. The yellower the white chocolate, the better is its quality.

Buko Pie is the Philippino version of apple pie. It is made from coconuts and condensed milk. The Pie was invented by a Philippino woman who worked in the US. When she came back she put coconuts in the pie due to lack of apples and abundant coconuts in Philippines.

There is a grape species that tastes like cotton candy. The variety was created by David Cain after breeding 1,000 grape varieties until he found the one that tasted like cotton candy.

Black apples are a unique variety of apples found in Tibet. They are red-black in color due to the high amount of UV light they receive. 

Jams are made from whole fruit. Jellies are made from fruit juice. Preserves contain chunks of fruits or dried fruits. Marmalades contain the fruit peel and pulp.

Avocados contain the highest amount of fat than any other fruit or vegetable. Also, avocados do not ripen until they are plucked. Due to this, they can be stored for long until they are mature.

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