Dazzling Facts About Pink Color

Dazzling Facts About Pink Color

Pink is the color of femininity, love and innocence. Though scientifically nonexistent in the spectrum of colors, pink has an important place in society. Read on for facts about the pink color.

Red is the only color whose lighter shade has a different name, pink than having “light” as the predecessor. Pink has many shades ranging from pale shades of red to bluish red. Most pinks we see have a certain bluish tint in them. Salmon pink has a yellow tint in it.

Pink color is associated with innocence, feminism, love and warmth. It is widely used to depict anything sentimental like the valentines day.

Pink color became associated with feminism in mid nineteenth century. This was when babies in orphanages were dressed in pink and blue as per their sex to make it easy to differentiate between girls and boys.

Many flowers done various shades of pink. Pink is commonly found in flowers because it attracts insects and birds which are necessary for pollination. The color comes from natural pigments, the anthocyanins, which also provide the pink in raspberries.

Pink is often linked with homosexuality. It was first used for homosexuals by Nazis to identify the homosexuals in the prisons.

Dazzling Facts About Pink Color

Pink is the color used to promote breast cancer awareness. The pink ribbbon is the symbol for breast cancer awareness.

In Japan, erotic films are known as “pink movies”.

Romance and erotic novels are often called “pink novels” in bookstores.

Pink is the color of Libra zodiac sign.

Until 1965 rose was considered a color exclusively for women, but with the advent of women’s liberation movements it began to be used among men.

There are about 50 different shades of this color in existence.
Today, the relationship between pink and femininity has been perpetuated by the manufacturers of garments and toys for girls, who have found in color an excellent way to market their products.

Dazzling Facts About Pink Color

It is well known that flamingos are gorgeous pink colored birds, but did you know there is a pink colored armadillo? Its name is “pink fairy armadillo”.

In Japan, pink color is associated with the onset of spring due to the cherry blossoms that begin in spring.

Dazzling Facts About Pink Color

Since 1983, the Financial Times used salmon pink color to stand apart from its competitors. Since then economic/financial newspapers are often salmon pink.

If you get fired, the polite way of mentioning it is saying “you got a pink slip”.

Until 1918, pink color was used for boys because it was stronger and more intense than blue.

The color “pink” isn’t scientifically real because our eyes can only detect red, blue and green colors or combinations of them. Pink is basically the opposite of green color. Our brain simlply perceives the absence of green color as pink color.

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