Facts About Serial Killers

Creepy Facts About Serial Killers

Here are some of the weirdest and creepiest facts about serial killers.

1. About 95% of homicides around the world are done by men, that too are mostly young men. This could be because of high testosterone levels in men or social expectations that expect the men to be aggressive and women to be peaceful.

2. The so-called “lycans” are inspired by a serial killer, Manuel Blanco Romasanta. He claimed that he was cursed that transformed him into a wolf and made him attack women. He murdered 13 people.

3. HH Holmes was “the first serial killer of the United States”. He was educated in medical fields and on the basis of his connections in the medical he field, he would sell the skeletons of his victims to labs after ripping the flesh off. Holmes is also famous for his “Castle of Death” a hotel he built for the sole purpose of killing his guests.

4. Peter Kürten was no less than a vampire. He raped, murdered and killed his victims and later drank their blood.

5. Ted Bundy was probably an epitome of psychopath. He was charming, manipulative and remorseless. He worked at a suicide helpline center. He murdered 36 people. There is even a biography, “The Stranger Beside Me” written on him by his coworker. Bundy was so manipulative that he knew how to appear like a completely “normal” person to his psychologist.

6. Leonarda Cianciulli of Montella of southern Italy murdered his victims and made bars of soap from one of the woman he murdered. She even gave the soap bars as gifts to his friends.

7. Albert Fish was a “literally” crazy pedophile and cannibal who wrote a letter to the parents of the victim describing the taste of victim’s flesh. Because he once wanted to experience pain, he inserted a flammable material dipped cloth up his anus and set it to fire. He also hit himself in the scrotum with nails and pins.

8. Joe Metheny was a cannibal who would mix the meat of his victims with beef and making burgers out of it for his burger shop. He made many people taste human flesh through his burgers.

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