chocolate facts for chocolate lovers

Interesting Chocolate Facts for Chocolate Lovers

For the lovers of chocolate, here chocolate facts you shouldn’t miss out on-

1. The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves. These waves are responsible for inducing relaxation. Chocolate consumption also stimulates Endorphins, hormones that generate a sense of pleasure.

2. Chocolate helps in formation of “good bacteria” in body.

3. Due to high antioxidant content, people who consume chocolate daily live longer.

4. Chocolate is rich in flavonoid, which promotes blood flow for two-three hours after consumption. This can lead to an increase in concentration and also memory.

5. Contrary to the popular belief that chocolates cause cavities, chocolates can actually act against tooth decay. This is because chocolate contain antibacterial components. However, the chocolate with less cocoa content and high sugar content might not be as antibacterial as you expect.

6. Chocolate comes in more than 600 different flavors and varietie, while red wine only has 200 flavors.

7. Chocolate is poisnous to dogs because of the compound theobromine. The same compound is also poisonous to humans. However, to die from it, a human would have to thousands of chocolate bars at a time.

8. The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word “xocoatl” , which referred to the bitter and spicy drink that the Aztecs made with cocoa beans.

9.Cocoa seeds were used as a form of currency in the Aztec Empire.

10. The owner of Hershey’s chocolates, Milton Hershey was supposed to board Titanic, but cancelled his voyage due to an urgent work in his chocolate factory.

11. Chocolate is rich in magnesium. It reduces cholesterol and is good for heart. It also has iron, flavonoids and antioxidants.

12. Chocolate was first invented by Joseph Fry in 1847.

13. Europe is the largest consumer of chocolate in the world. It consimes almost half of the world’s chocolate.

14. Chocolate was called “Food of the gods” by the Mayas and the Aztecs because of its energizing and aphrodisiac effects.

15. It takes about 400 cocoa beans to produce 450 grams of chocolate.

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