Facts About Mexican Independence Day

Facts About Mexican Independence Day

The Mexican War of Independence began at dawn on September 16, 1810, when Father Miguel Hidalgo gave the call “Grito de Dolores” and ended on September 27, 1821 (11 years later). During these years, happened countless anecdotes, stories, and legends. Read on to unravel the Mexican independence day facts, history, celebrations, parade and food, the … Read more Facts About Mexican Independence Day

Facts About Jenolan Caves

Facts About Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves are one of a kind caves located 175 kilometers west of Sydney, Australia. They are recognized as the world’s oldest open cave system. They are a part of the famous Blue Mountain Area. The caves have been a tourist destination for over 100 years. On today’s date, they attract about 250,000 visitors per … Read more Facts About Jenolan Caves

Geographical Facts About Nepal

Geographical Facts About Nepal

Nepal is a favorite tourist destination with majestic Himalayan mountains, the essence of Buddhism, and serene, yet spellbinding sceneries. Check out these amazing geographical facts about Nepal. Numbers and data SURFACE: 147,200 square kilometers. POPULATION: 28.109.000 inhabitants (IMF 2014 estimates) CAPITAL: Kathmandu, with 10.8 million inhabitants. Nepal is a small country. It measures 800 kilometers … Read more Geographical Facts About Nepal

Facts About Sobek – The Egyptian God

Sobek The Egyptian God

Sobek was one the most iconic deities in ancient Egypt. He is known as the “Crocodile God“. Today, we have knowledge about him from ancient pyramid texts. He was also the god of Nile, which is believed to have emerged from his sweat. The farmers cultivating near the Nile Basin used to worship Sobek in order … Read more Facts About Sobek – The Egyptian God

Interesting Facts About Countries In Asia

Interesting Facts about Asian Countries

Asia, the world’s largest continent, is home to some amazing countries. From most technologically advanced to most spiritual and laid-back countries, Asian countries showcase both. Japan, China, India, Bhutan, South Korea, Middle-east countries, island nations, here are some Interesting Facts About Countries In Asia. Asian Countries Fact #1: Earthquakes and Volcanoes Japan faces 1500 earthquakes … Read more Interesting Facts About Countries In Asia

Weird and Fun Halloween Myths

Halloween Facts and Myths

Evil Spirits, black cats, graveyards and what not. Superstitions are invoked by fear of ghosts and evil spirits. Halloween especially is that spooky time of the year when people pursue these weird superstitions. Halloween is celebrated warding off of evil. We know where it originated from and why we celebrate it. Those are the facts. … Read more Weird and Fun Halloween Myths

Facts About Confucius to Add to Your Knowledge

Facts About Confucius

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who lived in the spring and autumn period of China. He is considered among the most influential people in the ancient history. Many Chinese proverbs are attributed to him. His ideals and teachings are what we call Confucianism. According to Confucius’ philosophy, a person is considered to be morally sound … Read more Facts About Confucius to Add to Your Knowledge

Unusual Facts About Egypt

Unusual Facts about Egypt

Egyptians gave many innovative things to the world including the 365 day calendar. Known for majestic pyramids, Egypt has the largest pyramid in Giza called Pyramid of Khufu. Egyptians strongly believed in after-life. Also, Eyptians used to love to do make, both men and women! Egyptians loved cats and in fact also worshipped them. Check … Read more Unusual Facts About Egypt

Facts About Catherine Of Aragon

Facts about Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragón was the last child born to the two ruling rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand of Aragon (1452 – 1516) and Queen Isabella of Castile (1451 – 1504). She was believed to have been brave and stubborn, and even in death refuses to accept her husband’s treachery as just. Here are some interesting … Read more Facts About Catherine Of Aragon

Sickening Facts About Auschwitz

Interesting Facts About Auschwitz

The Auschwitz camp complex was established in 1940 in what is now South-Central Poland. The Auschwitz camp was the largest concentration and extermination camp of the Nazi Germany. An estimated 1.1 to 1.5 billion people died in the Auschwitz camp, out of which 90% were jews. Auschwitz was also called the “Final Solution” with because … Read more Sickening Facts About Auschwitz

Facts About Indonesian Culture

Facts About Indonesian Culture

Indonesia is an archipelago that has thousands of islands. Indonesia has around 17,000 islands. Each island has different geographical conditions. Indonesia is known for its rich heritage and unique culture that its people still follow. Check out some facts about Indonesian Culture. Ethnic Groups, Religion and Languages in Indonesia Indonesia is the country with the … Read more Facts About Indonesian Culture

Facts About German Flag

Facts About German Flag

The three horizontal stripes of Germany’s flag have a long history associated with them. Their origin can be traced back to as long as the 12th century. Here are some facts about German flag. 3 Stripes of Black Red, and Gold The German flag has 3 horizontal stripes black, red and golden yellow. In the … Read more Facts About German Flag