Fun Facts About Fossils

Fun Facts About Fossils

Fossils are remains of long-dead animals that are still preserved in rocks. They give us an interesting insight into how the living beings were like thousands of years ago and how they evolved into creatures that exist today. Read on to know cool and fun facts about fossils. The oldest of all the fossils The … Read more Fun Facts About Fossils

Facts About Baobab Trees

The Baobab tree, commonly known as “the tree planted upside down” and “monkey bread tree”, is a tropical tree belonging to the family of Bombacoideae, a plant sub-family whose almost all the trees grow in the tropical regions. Their characteristic is very large fruits, such as the Durian fruit. The Baobab tree grows spontaneously in … Read more Facts About Baobab Trees

Legendary Facts About Pegasus Constellation

Pegasus is a magnificent constellation occupying more than 1200 square degrees in the sky. Pegasus is a white-colored winged horse in Greek mythology. Closely associated with the Perseus constellation, the Pegasus constellation is quite easy to spot in the night sky due to its symbolic, “the great square”, which is made up of bright stars. … Read more Legendary Facts About Pegasus Constellation

Facts About Perseus Constellation

facts about Perseus constellation

The Perseus constellation is a boreal constellation that gets its name from Greek mythology. Representing a Greek demigod, the constellation is known for its antiquity. Surrounded by prominent stars, nebulae, asterisms, and other celestial bodies, the Perseus constellation is quite fascinating to study. Here are some interesting facts about the Perseus constellation. Basic information on … Read more Facts About Perseus Constellation

Fun Facts About Geodesic Domes

The geodesic dome was “invented” by Walter Bauersfeld in 1923 while building a planetarium project for Carl Zeiss Optical. Geodesic domes are very strong structures and can bear a huge amount of load because they are made of interconnected triangles. The triangle is a stable shape in itself. The entire structure of interconnected triangles becomes … Read more Fun Facts About Geodesic Domes

Interesting Facts About Earth – Science Facts

Interesting facts about earth

The Earth has treasures of all kinds and is the lonely planet that has life. There are planets that are full of diamonds and mysterious clouds. Nevertheless, we love our “pale blue dot” that stands out because of its ability to sustain life. Here are some interesting earth facts. What Earth is composed of Earth, … Read more Interesting Facts About Earth – Science Facts

Interesting Facts About Meteoroids

Quite often when we get the time to observe the night sky, we can see something that resembles a bright streak of light falling from the sky – they are the so-called shooting stars. However, real stars do not fall. Even if they did fall and hit the earth, there would be an apocalypse on … Read more Interesting Facts About Meteoroids

Facts about the Southern Cross (Crux Constellation)

Facts about the Southern Cross (Crux Constellation)

Southern Cross or the Crux Constellation is the smallest constellation we know. It is named so because it’s shaped like a cross. It is visible from the Southern Hemisphere. It is one of the brightest constellations in the night sky, with two of its stars falling under the brightest star category (First magnitude). The Southern … Read more Facts about the Southern Cross (Crux Constellation)

Facts About Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a circumpolar constellation that can be seen from the northern hemisphere of earth. It is said to resemble a bear and holds importance as per the Greek Mythology. It is among the oldest recognized constellations in the sky. It is the third largest constellation of the 88 constellations known to us. Our … Read more Facts About Ursa Major

Facts About Zero Gravity

Facts about zero gravity

“Zero Gravity” is a state when we cannot feel our weight. It could be because of two reasons. 1. We are at a place where there is no gravitational force acting upon us. 2. We are free falling. A good example would be being in an elevator that is going down, or a high speed … Read more Facts About Zero Gravity

Facts About UFO Sightings

At any time of the day, at least one person is looking out at the sky at an object that they are not aware of or have never seen before. Such objects are called “Unidentified Flying Objects”. While most of these unidentified objects are a meteor, asteroid, comet, or a special flying craft. Only some … Read more Facts About UFO Sightings

UFO Facts and Information

The term UFO refers to a flying object that an unknown to humans or the people of the earth. many UFO sightings have been recorded throughout the history in various parts of the world there by raising interest and questions about life on other planets. Of all these sightings, some are believable but most of … Read more UFO Facts and Information