Happy Facts About Life

Everyone wants to be happy, but life consists of both ups and downs. Neverthless, life is a beautiful gift that should be cherished, because it only happens to us once. They say that happiness is a choice, it is actually true too. Despite being in difficult circumstances, one can try to stay positive. Here are … Read more Happy Facts About Life

Top 100 Facts in the World

Top 100 Facts in the World

If for some reason the sun stopped emitting light, on earth we would take 8 minutes to realize this Hypopomonstrosesquipedaliphobia fear of long words If you have itchy throat, scratch your ear, because when you touch the nerves of the ear, there is a reflex in the throat that causes the muscles to suffer a … Read more Top 100 Facts in the World

Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

Our life is full of opportunities, but because of too many overloads of work and tensions and thinking get into our ways and we are unable to utilise our opportunities. Changing our lives for better just like picking a destination and taking one step at a time to get there. we should avoid making shortcuts … Read more Interesting Facts About Life Is Beautiful

The Pratfall Effect

The pratfall effect - How making mistakes make you more likable

Perfection in others intimidates most people and usually bad for interpersonal connect. Perfection raises an alarm and insecurity about your own imperfections and flaws. Flaws, mistakes, and imperfections in others “make them more likable”. This psychological effect is known as “Pratfall Effect”. What is the Pratfall Effect? The effect originally defined by Elliot Aronson says … Read more The Pratfall Effect

10 Deep Facts about Laughter

Facts about Laughter

Laughter can not only improve mood and make the heart happy. Some scientists believe and find the fact that laughter brings a myriad of health benefits as well as other things. What are some of the laughter facts you should know about? Let’s see them below. 1. Laughing is not necessarily because of a joke … Read more 10 Deep Facts about Laughter

Facts about Women

1. Women have a higher pain threshold Though this is controversial, but women experience more pain in their lifetime than men do, for example, migraine and childbirth, hence making them better at handling pain. 2. Every 90 seconds somewhere in the world, a woman dies in pregnancy or childbirth The responsibility of saving the human race from … Read more Facts about Women

20 Surprising Facts About Happiness

7 Minutes of Exercise Makes You Happy. Exercising releases Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter in your brain responsible for a “Happy State of Mind”. Smile to increase your Happiness. That’s right. You automatically smile when you’re happy. The reverse is true too! By smiling, you trick your brain into believing that everything is perfect. Being … Read more 20 Surprising Facts About Happiness