Facts About Macaw Parrots

Facts About Macaw Parrots

Macaws are long-tailed, often colorful New World parrots. They make great pets and a lifetime friend due to their long lifespan. They are noisy, chirpy and can speak upto 30 words. Read on for cute facts about Macaw Parrots. Genre: Ara Average length: 86 cm Weight: 1040 – 1286 g (Except a few species that … Read moreFacts About Macaw Parrots

Cute Facts About Dogs

Facts About Dogs

Love cuddly furry dogs? You’ll love them even more after reading these cute facts about dogs. The Norwegian Lundehund is the only dog that has six fingers on each leg. Dogs not only see white and black, but they can also see blue and yellow. You can reduce your blood pressure by simply caressing your … Read moreCute Facts About Dogs

100 Facts About Pandas

100 Facts About Pandas

Pandas are adorable and cute animals that are loved for their cuddly nature and looks all over the world. Pandas come from the bear family, but are a lot safer than bears and also human-friendly if kept in such an environment. Here’s a collection of 100 facts about pandas to fill in on. Why Do … Read more100 Facts About Pandas

Amazing Facts About Cats That You Didn’t Know

These feline creatures are more closer to humans biologically than dogs are. There’s so much to cats that cat owners have no idea about. Here some amazing facts about cats. Similar brains The brain of a cat is 90% similar to that of a human being. We have more similarities with them than with dogs. … Read moreAmazing Facts About Cats That You Didn’t Know

Bat Facts that prove that Bats are Most Adorable and Misunderstood Creatures

Facts about bats misunderstood and adorable

The swift and agile mammals are the only mammals that can fly. They navigate in their own unique way which makes them even more fascinating. So, what are the Facts that make them adorable They’re tiny and furry. They have button eyes. They sleep upside down. They don’t know why humans are scared of them. … Read moreBat Facts that prove that Bats are Most Adorable and Misunderstood Creatures