Facts About Macaw Parrots

Facts About Macaw Parrots

January 13, 2019

Macaws are long-tailed, often colorful New World parrots. They make great pets and a lifetime friend due to their long lifespan. They are noisy, chirpy and can speak upto 30 words. Read on for cute facts about Macaw Parrots. Genre: Ara Average length: 86 cm Weight: 1040 – 1286 g (Except a few species that […]

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Facts About Terror Birds

Facts About the Predatory Terror Birds of Cenozoic Era

January 3, 2019

The phorusrhacids or the “terror birds” were a species of flightless predatory birds that roamed the earth in the Cenozoic Era. It is established that they lived in South America between early Paleocene to the late Pleistocene. It was known for its characteristic hunting style and its competition with dangerous predators like the saber tooth […]

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Facts About Mountain Bluebird

Facts About Mountain Bluebirds

January 1, 2019

Length: 7.25 inches Wingspan: 14 inches Weight: 30 grams Known as Azulejo pálido in Spanish And Merlebleu azuré in French. It is also called the Arctic Blue-bird and Ultramarine Blue-bird. Its scientific name is Sialia currucoides. State bird of Nevada The mountain bluebird is the state bird of Nevada and was declared so in 1967. […]

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Tawny owl facts

Tawny Owl Facts: Size, Sound, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Behavior

November 13, 2018

Tawny owl is a brown medium sized owl native to Eurasia. It can be seen living in tree caves in forests. Within the city, these birds inhabit parks and cemeteries. There are about 11 – 15 subspecies of these owls. Read on for more interesting facts about tawny owls. Scientific name: Strix aluco Common name: […]

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interesting facts about snowy owls

October 28, 2018

The great white owl or the snowy owl (scientific name: Bubo scandiacus) is species of horned owl found in the Northern circumpolar regions. A snowy owl named, Hedwig starred in the Harry Potter movies series as Harry Potter’s owl. They are characterized by white feathers and small black spots. Read more interesting and cool facts about […]

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Facts About Rainbow Lorikeets

Interesting Rainbow Lorikeets Facts

October 25, 2018

The rainbow lorikeet (scientific name – Trichoglossus haematodus) or the rainbow parrot is a gorgeous multicolored bird belonging to the subfamily Loriinae. Read out these cool facts about rainbow lorikeets. Appearance It is a small sized (12 inches in length) multi-colored parrot with gray colored legs. They weigh about 70 – 150 gram ideally. The […]

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