Facts About Black Death

Bizarre Facts About the Black Death

The Bubonic Plague or the Black Death swept life from Europe in the 14th century. There were ways the humans themselves were responsible for the epidemic. Read on these facts to know more about the black death.

As per the Richter Scale for Human Calamity, also called the Foster Scale, the Bubonic Plague was the second most disastrous event in history. The number one is World War II and number three is the World War I.

Jewish communities suffered much fewer deaths due to the plague. The Christians, as a result, thought of the plague to be a conspiracy by the Jewish. However, the real reason was better hygiene practices by the Jewish.  

After the Black Death, the human population became more long-living. The rule “survival of the fittest” applied. What was left in Europe were survivors of the Black Death, who were stronger, fitter and longer-living.

It took 3 centuries for the world population to recover the mass-deaths that occurred due to the Black Death. Until 17th century, the world population didn’t reach what it was in the 14th century.

As per the Medieval Pope Gregory IX, cats were the incarnation of Satan and also the reason behind the Black Death. This lead to mass killing of black cats, which further increased the rat population, the real cause behind the black death.

When there was no place to bury people dying of the Plague in France, the people decided to dump the dead bodies in Rhine River. The then Pope, Clement VI, blessed the river and allowed the bodies to be thrown in the river. 

The word ‘quarantine’ owes its origin to the Black Death. The ships that visited the infected countries had to wait 40 days before entering the land. “Quaranta” was the Italian word for 40. 

Some people in Florence believed that orgies would help kill the Plague and participated in them.

Norway received Black Death due to a ship whose entire crew had died due to the plague. There were rats on the ship that entered Norway and spread the plague. The disease later reached Sweden and Russia.

It was believed that if one farted in a jar and smelled it, they’d be cured of Bubonic Plague.

The Plague was probably the first disease to be used in biological warfare. Genghis Khan used to fling belongings and excreta of those infected with the disease to the enemy country.

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