Bizarre Facts About the Black Death

Facts About Black Death

The Bubonic Plague or the Black Death swept life from Europe in the 14th century. There were ways the humans themselves were responsible for the epidemic. Read on these facts to know more about the black death. As per the Richter Scale for Human Calamity, also called the Foster Scale, the Bubonic Plague was the … Read moreBizarre Facts About the Black Death

Mad Facts About Nicolas Cage

Mad Facts About Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has bought his own grave, which is a nine-foot-tall pyramid in a centuries-old cemetery in New Orleans. Many tourists visit his grave already. On the grave, it is written, “omnia ab uno”, which means “Everything from One”. Nicolas Cage refused to star in Dumb and Dumber movie in 1994 and decided to do … Read moreMad Facts About Nicolas Cage

Totally Weird Facts About Australia

Totally Weird Facts About Australia

Firehawks are eagles found in Australia that spread fire in the forests deliberately. This drives the insects and small animals out, giving the eagles the chance to feed. They carry burning twigs from a burning area and drop them in new areas. Some explorers climbed up a mountain in Australia in the hope to get … Read moreTotally Weird Facts About Australia

Cosmic Facts About Stephen Hawking

Cosmic Facts About Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, born on January 8, 1942, shared his birthday with the death day of astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei who died 300 years earlier. He was diagnosed with motor-neuron disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) when he was 21. The doctors declared that he would barely live beyond the age of 25. Stephen Hawking managed … Read moreCosmic Facts About Stephen Hawking

Bizarre Facts That Sum Up North Korea

bizarre facts about North Korea

Owning computers is illegal in North Korea unless you have the government permission. Only 1,000 people in entire North Korea have access to the internet. Wherever the internet is available, it is strictly monitored where access is granted to access only a limited number of websites. As per the CIA, the literacy rate in North … Read moreBizarre Facts That Sum Up North Korea

12.5 Facts Only Smart People Need to Know

Facts Only Smart People Need to Know

1. Pauli Effect is the tendency of the technical equipment to fail in the presence of certain people, such as Pauli. Wolfgang Pauli was banned from entering laboratories where important experiments were going on. His own best friend banned him too. He supposedly caused the “Pauli Effect”. Don’t laugh at Pauli yet. He was a … Read more12.5 Facts Only Smart People Need to Know

Eerie Facts About Stranger Things

Facts About Stranger Things

‘Eleven’ in Stranger Things is inspired by an anime “Elfen Lied”. The anime consisted of a girl named Lucy who has some strange powers and split personality. In turn, the anime Elfen Lied was inspired by the anime “Akira”. Maya hawke is the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. She joined the series in … Read moreEerie Facts About Stranger Things

Twisted Robber, Thieves and Police Facts In History

Twisted Robber, Thieves and Police Facts In History

In 2011, Washington DC police made a fake hip-hop studio to catch criminals visiting it. The studio called “Manic Enterprises” recorded evidence of their illegal activities. They arrested 70 criminals, confiscated $7.2 million worth of cocaine, and confiscated 161 illegal weapons. Cowboy bob was a woman bank robber who wore a cowboy man disguise. She … Read moreTwisted Robber, Thieves and Police Facts In History

WTF Facts About Lizards

WTF Facts ABout Lizards

The Whiptail Lizard of New Mexico desert has no male species. They egg production is stimulated by female-female courtships. Eggs are never fertilized and the offspring is always a female. The female Komodo dragon does not always need a male to get pregnant. It can impregnate itself through parthenogenesis. It can even yield XX chromosome … Read moreWTF Facts About Lizards