25 Cool Shark Facts

25 Cool Shark Facts

Sharks are the largest fish in the world, while in sharks, the whale shark is the largest shark species. From shark habitat, bite strength, size, offsprings, skin, anatomy diet, here are 25 cool shark facts that you should know.

  1. Sharks can be found throughout the oceans of the world, however some species of sharks are found mostly in cold waters near the coast.
  2. The sharks are fast swimmers and the biggest predator fish on our planet. The great white shark is the largest species of sharks. On average, they grow to reach a length of around 4.6m, but some sharks have been recorded at a length of 6m, that’s half the length of the bus!

Sharks can eat their own pups

  1. Sharks give birth to 2-10 children, called ‘pups’. But they don’t show concern for their children, in fact, they like to try to eat it! Newborn sharks will swim to the open seas and take care of themselves.

Sharks are killing machines

  1. Every creature that meets them at sea can be said to be unlucky. Because the mouth of the sea animal is equipped with a set of 300 sharp teeth, the teeth are triangular shaped in seven rows. Smaller shark species can fall prey to larger shark species.
  2. Most sharks are not interested in eating humans.
  3. So what do they eat? Now, when they were young, they ate small prey, like fish and rays. But when they are older and bigger, they generally feast on marine mammals such as sea lions, seals and small whales.

Strong sense of smell

  1. Sharks have a strong sense of smell, they can detect seal colonies two miles away. Even if there is only one drop of blood in 100 liters of water they will smell it!
  2. Shark attacks its prey with surprise. They usually position themselves under prey before finally attacking those who are cornered in the water!
  3. The great white sharks are at the top of the food chain and it is impossible to be killed by other sea creatures. Unfortunately, they are under serious threat by human activities. Poaching and overfishing, making great white sharks today an endangered species.
  4. Whale sharks can grow up to 15 meters in length and 40,000 pounds. At that time it was estimated that there were 300 teeth lines with each row having several hundred stems of small teeth 5 mm long. It will be replaced with new if every time the teeth is broken.

Can live without eating for 6 weeks!

  1. Sharks still live without eating for 6 weeks. The longest record was recorded by a swell shark that did not eat for 15 months while placed in an aquarium.
  2. Swollen sharks can ‘bark’ like dogs.
  3. The shark’s skin is covered with denticles, the sharpest spines of a razor blade. However, denticles can be removed and the shark’s skin is used to make various skin items.

Fast swimmers

  1. Most sharks can swim as fast as 32-64 kilometers per hour. It turns out it is not comparable with a mako shark that can swim as fast as 95km / h.
  2. Each year it is estimated that 100 people die from bee bites while only 6 people are out on sharks. 460 species of sharks found around the world are only 25 species that attack humans.

Humans kill more sharks than humans killed by sharks

  1. Every year 12 million sharks are killed by humans.
  2. Nets are a major threat to sharks. In 1993 it was estimated that 8.3 million tail sharks died from trapping in nets used by fishermen around the world.
  3. Without a shark, imbalances will not occur just like any other predator, working naturally to control the marine population.
  4. It is impossible to escape when bitten by a shark because of the strength of the predatory animal jaw is at a rate of six tonnes square meters.
  5. The shark’s fish have no bones, its frames are shaped by a crisp (very strong material, its shape and strength is like the material that forms our ears.
  6. The dog shark gets its name because the fish will attack the victim as a group as the dog does.
  7. The largest egg in the world is the egg whale shark that is about 36cm (found in mexico bay in 1953).
  8. Shoes made from shark skin are more resistant to 5 times longer than those using cowhide.
  9. The sharks will not eat bumpal fish as the bumpal fish will float like a balloon and poke the shark’s mouth with its sharp thorns.

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