10 WOW Facts about Android Every Geek Must Know

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If you are an Android smartphone user, I would ask, how long have you used it? Besides the fact that Android is an operating system developed by Google, do you know any other facts about Android?

For that, this time here are some facts about Android that you might not know.

1. Android Not Created by Google

 Developed by Rubin - facts about android

Known by its identical service to Google, Android is not created by Google. Android was first created by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner , Nick Sears , and Chris White in 2003. These Android developers have a close relationship with T-Mobile.

2. Android is a guy


During this time you may know that this Android is the green robot. But, do you know what the sex of this Android? Android turned out to be a robot male. The use of the word ‘Andr‘ has the meaning male, and ‘ Droid ‘ means robot. So do not be surprised if anyone says Android is a guy.

 3. Android Initially Not For Smartphones or Tablets


Various types of smartphones and tablets use the Android operating system. But in fact, Android was not designed for smartphones lot. But for a smart camera.

According to Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, the original purpose of Android was to provide the ease of camera users to transfer images to cloud storage. But because the camera market had become sluggish, eventually Android was slammed into a smartphone.

4. Android Owes Steve Jobs


In 2005 to 2007, Android continued to monitor the development of Microsoft because it had made the most smartwatch, system technology standards.

But later in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone equipped with a touchscreen. Since then, Android got optimized for smartphones with touctouchscreens there was no Steve Jobs and iPhone, then definitely your current Android smartphone would be using a physical keyboard.

5. Android QWERTY


Android first targeted to bring a physical keyboard. This was reinforced by the presence of Sooner which is the first Android smartphone with a physical keyboard and Palm OS-style interface. Although it looks weird, but it had multi-tasking features, ablity to connect with PC and all the independent capabilities.

6. The reason  behind Android Open Source


As we know, Android is an open source smartphone platform. Do you know why Android is called an open source platform? Because Google is a member of the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) that has given its users the freedom to modify the source code of their OS. So no wonder Android smartphones have many interface options from each vendor.

Because open source is also one of you so freely root Android smartphone. In fact, you also so can experiment with custom ROM.

7. Original Name Android


Do you know why his name is Android? This is the nickname of Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android while working at Apple. He was called by this name because he really liked robots.

When developing Android, it was initially to be named Bugdroid because of its green robot logo that looks like a cockroach, but then Android is chosen. But the name Bugdroid is still used by the Android developer team on Google’s internal.

8. Android Logo


Before the Android logo was selected with a green robot, there was another logo developed by Dan Morrill. The logo is like a drunken robot named Dandroids. Until then came the logo sketch of Android from Irina Block which became Android logo until now.

9. Not All Android Using Food Names

Android using Sweet names - facts about android

The latest Android 87.0 release just released Android Oreo. Previously there were Nougat (Android v7.0), Marshmallow (Android v6.0), Lollipop (Android v5.0), and much earlier there KitKat (Android v4.4) . All of them use the name of the food. This is prefixed by Android Cupcake (Android v1.5), then Donut (Android v1.6), Eclair (Android v2.0), Froyo (Android v2.2), and more.

But it turns out the Alpha and Beta versions of Android do not use the name of the food, but Astro (Android v1.0) and Bender (Android v1.0). So, not all Android names are sweet foods right?

We bet you didn’t know this fact about android. Did you?

10. Android is in Outer Space


 So far we know that Android is used in smartphones, smartwatch, and even smart home. Everything is on earth. But did you know another fact about android that it is also in outer space? NASA has sent satellites into outer space provided with Nexus One and Nexus S in 2013. The satellites accompanying this Android device have successfully sent Earth’s imagery from outer space.

There are 10 facts about Android that you may have never known before. Do you know any other facts? If there are other facts, share them with us!

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