10 Facts About Panda Nannies

Here are ten facts about the most interesting and fun job in the world – the job of panda nanny –

1. Anyone from around the world could apply for the job of panda nanny. They must be at least 22 with some basic knowledge of the pandas” and must know how to speak Chinese language.

2. These people are paid up to an annual salary of £ 19,000.

3. Because pandas are shy and independent animals, it’s not easy for the panda nannies to make a connection with them.

4. Only 16,000 pandas are left in the jungles of China.

5. When GPRC (Panda Protection and Research Center) released the job of panda nanny, almost 10,000 applicants applied for the position and caused their website to crash.

10 Facts About Panda Nannies

6. Most panda nannies have come from various different countries including Japan, USA, and Europe.

7. The advertisement titled “Most Fun Job in the World” was created in bring people’s attention to decreasing number of pandas and the importance of taking care of them.

8. Did you know that you can adopt a giant panda for 12 months and ensure they are taken care of properly in the zoos. There are many zoos and organizations that accept giant panda adoptions of as little as 3£.

9. Pandas only diet is bamboo. Because bamboo is low in nutrition, pandas have to eat 12 – 38 kilograms of bamboo in a day. Panda nannies spend a significant amount of time feeding bamboo to panda babies, although they eat lesser than adult giant pandas.

10. Panda nannies are also known as “pambassdors”. After filtering the resumes of almost 10,000 applicants, only six panda nannies were selected. These six “pambassadors” were selected after a rigorous testing of 12 finalists, which including passing the test of collecting panda poop.

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