WTF Facts ABout Lizards

WTF Facts About Lizards

The Whiptail Lizard of New Mexico desert has no male species. They egg production is stimulated by female-female courtships. Eggs are never fertilized and the offspring is always a female.

The female Komodo dragon does not always need a male to get pregnant. It can impregnate itself through parthenogenesis. It can even yield XX chromosome to give birth to male Komodo dragons.

The lizard’s tail is a great source of energy. When the lizard sheds its tail in self-defense and the predator doesn’t eat it, the lizard will come back and eat the tail to gain energy.

When mating, a gecko species found in Vietnamese jungles makes sound that sounds like the phrase “fuck you”. Due to this the lizard has been officially named as “fuck you lizard”.

Lizards in the USA adapted to escape fire ants in just 70 years. They can now run away faster with their longer legs.

The Australian Skink lizard species is currently evolving. In its nesting place, one can find both eggs and live-birth offsprings. It is evolving towards viviparous birth and oviparous.

The blood of Western Fence lizard can kills Lyme disease in ticks when the ticks eat the lizard. Due to this lizard, Lyme disease occurrence has reduced in the western US.

There are three types of Common Side-Blotched Lizard – orange, blue, and yellow. They steal mates from each other exactly like rock-paper-scissor. Orange steals from blue, blue steals from yellow and yellow steals from orange. In fact, the game rock paper scissor is inspired from this lizard.

Lizards cannot walk and breathe at the same time. This is due to sideways flexing of their body while running. When they run, the air in their lungs moves from one lung to another, without expelling any.

The most venomous lizard in the world is the Gila Monster. A protein from the saliva of this lizard can help manage Type 2 diabetes.

Chihuahuan lizards are an all-female species. Their unfertilized eggs yield female baby lizards.

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