Unusual Facts about Egypt

Unusual Facts About Egypt

Egyptians gave many innovative things to the world including the 365 day calendar. Known for majestic pyramids, Egypt has the largest pyramid in Giza called Pyramid of Khufu. Egyptians strongly believed in after-life. Also, Eyptians used to love to do make, both men and women! Egyptians loved cats and in fact also worshipped them. Check out some unusual Egypt Facts.

  1. There is a girl named “Facebook” in Egypt

Often parents get caught up in the emotion of choosing the name of their children. So it was for an Egyptian father who recently chose the name ” Facebook ” for his daughter, to pay homage to the role played by the social network in the 2011 revolution.

  1. The Egyptians invented bowling

The typically American game was actually invented in ancient Egypt, more than 2000 years ago. The Egyptians played there during the holidays, in a version of wood and ceramics, which required greater skill and precision than ours.

  1. The lost city of Heracleion was found at the bottom of the sea 1200 years later

Source: https://egyptianstreets.com/2013/11/22/the-lost-city-of-heracleion/

The marvelous city of Heracleion, of which there are many ancient testimonies, was located on the delta of the Nile, in the bay of Abukir, where it sank around the VI-VII century. AD, almost a myth, was rediscovered only around 2000 by the French archaeologist F.Goddio.

  1. They extracted iron from meteorites.

Archaeologists have discovered metal grains in an ancient tomb. This grain is unique because the Egyptians began to melt iron only 2,000 years later. It’s worth pondering how they gained access to the metal. It was found in one of the hieroglyphs which  translated as “metal from the sky”. The metal grain may be made of meteorite material.

  1. Most number of pyramids are not in Egypt

Egypt is famous for its Pyramids, but that does not mean that Egypt has the most Pyramids. The most number of pyramids are in Sudan (around 240 pyramids)

Unusual Facts about Egypt

  1. The tradition of exchanging rings for marriage comes from ancient Egypt

Even the ancient Egyptians had their romantic clichés: since 3000 years ago it was tradition that the spouses exchanged rings as a symbol of eternity and love, to be worn to the left ring finger, which, according to the ancients, housed a directly connected vein to the heart.

  1. Today’s Alexandria library has a copy of all web pages since 1996

Alexandria Library is the largest library in Egypt as well as most important. Built to commemorate the lost library of Alexandria and revive its splendor, today’s library has thousands of volumes of great value, but also has a large online archive: it holds everything that has been published on the web from 1996 to today.

  1. In ancient Egypt, killing a cat meant the death penalty

Facts about Egypt

There were no animals more fortunate than cats in ancient Egypt, they were cuddled, venerated and, if necessary, even avenged: killing a cat, even accidentally, entailed the death penalty, as a Roman envoy discovered in 60 AD

9. They created toothpaste

Egyptians invented as well as used the toothpaste in 5000 BC. Some archeological findings suggest that they used to produce a powder which consisting of various burned eggshells mixed with pumice.  We can only guess they used it as a toothpaste.

10. They used antibiotics in treatment

We know that antibiotics came into existence in the 20th century in western medicine. There is strong evidence that doctors in the ancient Egypt used antibiotics to cure diseases.

  1. The builders of the pyramids were paid in beer

It seems that the ancient Egyptians were crazy for beer: not only were they found statuettes of brewers in the tombs (to ensure the deceased a pleasant afterlife), but also the builders of the pyramids were paid in beer, as many as 4 liters per day of work !

For ancient Egyptians, graves were considered life after death so they brought the toilet to be buried with him. In fact they also mummified cats to die with him.

  1.  Largest Pyramid is not in Egypt

Facts about Egypt

Although Egypt is famous for the Pyramids, but who would have thought that the largest Pyramid was not located in Egypt. History records that the largest Pyramid in the World is the Cholula Pyramid located in Mexico. The height of this Pyramid is 55 meters with an area of ​​160,000 M2. In comparison, the Giza Pyramid in Egypt has an area of ​​130,000 M2.

  1. Oldest clothes found in Egypt

The oldest clothes in the world come from Egypt which is around 5,000 years old. Currently the clothes are in the Petrie Museum in London, England.

14. They form the first police in the world

The first police force in the world was formed during the Middle Kingdom (2050-1800 BC). This police unit consists of the most loyal soldiers and mercenaries. Egyptian police were accompanied by dogs and monkeys. The police officer is in charge of protecting city temples and squares, top class representatives and caravans from criminals. They are more or less the same as modern police (only they are accompanied by a monkey).

  1. They were the first to produce beer

Most of us know that the workers who built the pyramid were paid for 4-5 liters of beer a day. So we can conclude that brewing at that time has been at a very good level. Egyptians are one of the first to produce this drink in the world.

  1. Surgeons at that time had performed a variety of very difficult operations

Source: medicinethroughtime.co.uk/history/history-of-medicine/ancient-egyptian/surgery/

The ancient Egyptians had accurate and unique knowledge of medical treatment that was no less compared to modern medical practices. Scientists who have examined mummies have found traces of several challenging operations such as heart bypass surgery, organ transplants, and even plastic surgery. Unfortunately, their knowledge has been lost, and we will surely be amazed about what ancient doctors can do with current technology.

17. They invented door locks

Door locks were first made in Egypt and China, probably because such devices were needed at that time. Egyptian wood locks at that time had a simple mechanism.

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