Unheard Facts About OCD and Its Sufferers

Unheard Facts About OCD and Its Sufferers

In 1988, a man with extreme OCD and germophobia tried committing suicide by shooting his head. The bullet went through his brain without killing him, but instead curing his mental disorder completely.

Nikola Tesla had severe OCD. He could never sleep for more than 2 hours and would spend time cleaning every dish to perfection by using exactly 18 napkins before eating his meals.

The famous writer, John Steinbeck had a strong obsession with long and new pencils. He used as much as 60 pencils a day and would sharpen all his pencils at once.

Almost every person is obsessive, but the obsession isn’t enough to qualify for OCD. In fact, about 60% of OCD cases are never diagnosed because their behavior doesn’t disrupt their life that much.

The actor in The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg suffers from OCD, social anxiety, separation anxiety, and depression.

When cats are under stress, they develop obsessive compulsive behavior causing them to groom themselves excessively which leads to baldness. Some cats hide their obsessive behavior from their owners.

One of the types of OCD is checking. People with this end up in an endless loop of checking and rechecking, sometimes for hundreds of time. They zone-out while checking and then are unable to recall whether they “finished the task” or not, resulting in an endless loop.

A form of OCD is there in which the person suffers from “sensorimotor obsessions”, which means hyper awareness of body functions, such as breathing, heartbeat, blinking, etc.

pOCD is a form of OCD that causes people to have disturbing thoughts of molesting children. This form of OCD is completely different from pedophilia and causes extreme stress to the sufferer.

Dermatophagia is the compulsive habit of eating one’s own nails, hang nails, and skin off the fingers. It is also a form of OCD.

There is a form of OCD that is opposite of hording that is known as Spartanism. In this the person enjoys throwing away even useful things.

German soldiers booby-trapped enemy officers with OCD by hanging tilted pictures.

Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome is a type of OCD where the sufferer has to correct every grammatical error.

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