UFO Facts and Information

The term UFO refers to a flying object that an unknown to humans or the people of the earth. many UFO sightings have been recorded throughout the history in various parts of the world there by raising interest and questions about life on other planets. Of all these sightings, some are believable but most of them are exaggerated rumours. Let’s find out more about UFO facts and information.

The Flying Saucers

UFO is also called as flying saucer. the term UFO was coined by Edward Ruppelt in 1952.  Edward Ruppelt was an Airforce officer. While the term Flying Saucer is being used since 1947. It was coined by the Businessman Kenneth Arnold.

UFO Sightings Facts

The most famous UFO sighting was rosewell in 1947.  it occurred in New Mexico USA. In the incident the US Air Force reported  the capture of a flying saucer, however the next morning the story was covered up by saying that it was just an air force aircraft.

US state founder Alexander Hamilton once reported a cow kidnapped by an airplane in LeRoy, Kansas, in 1897.

From some hieroglyphs found by scientists, there are certain representations that look like starships, helicopters, submarines, and so on. These kinds of things certainly cannot be described if they have never been seen by people in those days. Finally, many scientists concluded that in ancient Egypt a UFO may have appeared.

Projects to Study UFOs

A secret program called The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification was started in 2007 by the Department of Defense and closed in 2012. The Pentagon claims to have spent millions of dollars a year to finance it.

The USA was obsessed with the UFO sightings and wanted to learn more about them.  it came up with projects like the Robertson Panel and the Condon Report in 1952 and 1966. The project concluded that these UFO sightings could be the result of astronomical events Even earthly objects like balloons, birds or aircrafts. They evaluated more than 59 UFO sightings and concluded that there was no strong evidence pointing towards aliens visiting our planet.

UFOs in Ancient Times

What could be a proof to UFOs in the ancient times is the painting of Christ Crucifixion painted on the walls of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. In this painting, visible directly on both sides of the top, there are two flying objects with a “driver” inside it. Although historians say that those “strange-looking objects” were angels/ guardians.

The painting “Annunciation” by Carlo Crivelli depicts a UFO. It can be seen in the upper left, there is an oval-shaped object firing its rays.

There are about 70,000 UFO sightings captured every year globally, with an average “192 total per day”.



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