Twisted Robber, Thieves and Police Facts In History

Twisted Robber, Thieves and Police Facts In History

In 2011, Washington DC police made a fake hip-hop studio to catch criminals visiting it. The studio called “Manic Enterprises” recorded evidence of their illegal activities. They arrested 70 criminals, confiscated $7.2 million worth of cocaine, and confiscated 161 illegal weapons.

Cowboy bob was a woman bank robber who wore a cowboy man disguise. She would rob banks wearing cowboy hat, fake beard and big shoes. She never hurt anyone during the robberies she made. Due to her disguise, the FBI had a hard time catching her.

2 thieves once stole a laptop while breaking into a man’s home. On the laptop, they found objectionable and child abuse content. They decided to inform the cops about this paedophile. The child abuser was jailed and the two thieves were sentenced to 12 month community service.

“Pretty Boy” Floyd was known for destroying mortgage papers during bank robberies, which freed hundreds of American’s from debt. He was termed as one of the biggest problem makers in the USA.

A thief once stole a Porsche by driving through the glass of the car showroom. The car was found abandoned nearby with an empty fuel tank but without the keys. The car was taken to the police station. The thief then reached the police station with a can of fuel, filled the tank and stole the car again.

Finnish police once extracted the blood of a mosquito to identify the car thief. The last meal the mosquito had was the blood of the thief.

Once an identity thief boarded a Naval destroyer by stealing the identity of a surgeon. He wasn’t a doctor, but memorized the medical book to perform surgeries and none of his patients died.

Serial killer Marcel Petiot grew a beard to join the police and adopted the name “Valeri”. Captain Valeri was assigned to find the serial killer Marcel Petiot. It was found months later that Captain Valeri was Petiot.

Two men in Chicago attempted to rob food from a restaurant with a squirt gun. The restaurant owner asked them to come back after an hour. They did in fact come back, but saw the police ready to arrest them.

There is a similarity between bees and serial killers. Just like bees collect pollen from near their home, but far enough to hide from predators. Serial killers, in the same way, commit murders close to their homes, but far enough to avoid neighbor suspicion.

In a bizarre scenario, when the soviet police was searching for serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, they ended up solving 1,000 unrelated crimes.

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