Thomas Cranmer Facts

Thomas Cranmer was the Archbishop of Canterbury and played a crucial role in the formation of the basic structures of the Church of England. He was one of the most influential religious leaders. He lived during the reign of Henry VIII, Edward VI and Mary I. Learn more Thomas Cranmer facts, history, biography, life, religious views, death, quotes, and more.

  1. Thomas Cranmer was denounced by Queen Mary I for promoting Protestantism. He was the first Protestant archbishop. He was declared guilty of heresy for the same and executed by burning at the stake. Protestantism was a movement in which the Protestants disagreed with some advocations by the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. Thomas Cranmer was born into a poor family.
  3. He advocated the divorce of King Henry and Catherine of Aragon.
  4. Cranmer attended a fellowship at Jesus College, Cambridge, which he had to give up due to his marriage. He was accepted again in the college after the death of his wife.
  5. Cranmer was chosen the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533. During his tenure as the Archbishop, he was made to hide his marriage.
  6. He helped Thomas Cromwell translate the Bible into English.
  7. Thomas Cranmer was a very good friend of King Henry VIII.
  8. Cranmer composed the English Litany in 1945.

How did Thomas Cranmer Die?

After the death of Edward VI in 1553, his will put forward that Lady Jane Gray was to be chosen as his successor. However, the English chose Mary I as the queen and Lady Jane Gray only stayed on the throne for 9 days. King Edward’s will trusted Thomas Cranmer and his will that proposed Lady Jane Gray to be his successor was signed by Thomas Cranmer. When Mary I became the queen, she ordered a trial for Thomas Cranmer. After a long imprisonment, he was sentenced to death by burning. With the beginning of Mary I’s reign, the Protestantism and English reformation stopped. She ordered the persecution of Protestants which included Thomas Cranmer as well.

As per the writing by a bystander, his death was a dramatic event. Cranmer was tied to a stake and burnt.

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