Tawny owl facts

Tawny Owl Facts: Size, Sound, Habitat, Diet, Lifespan, Behavior

Tawny owl is a brown medium sized owl native to Eurasia. It can be seen living in tree caves in forests. Within the city, these birds inhabit parks and cemeteries. There are about 11 – 15 subspecies of these owls. Read on for more interesting facts about tawny owls.

Scientific name: Strix aluco

Common name: Tawny Owl

Family: Strigidae

Size: 40cm

Weight: 600g

Wingspan: 105 cm

Breeding ground: tree caves

Number of eggs: 2 – 6 per breeding

Period: 28 days

Diet: birds, small mammals, mice, rats, earthworms

Lifespan: 15 years


Tawny owls are medium sized birds with an average length of 40 centimeters. Their plumage can be brown, rust red or gray. Their eyes are big, round and, always brown-black. The tawny owl’s head is also slightly larger.

Their feathers have the special ability to give these birds a noiseless flight. This aids them in ambushing their prey.

The female is taller and heavier than the male.


Their preferred place is deciduous forests but they can also settle in mixed and coniferous forests. Tawny Owl can be seen almost throughout Europe with the exception of Ireland, Iceland and Northern Scandinavia.

Where do tawny owls live?

When living in the wild, their favorite place owls is old trees with caves. They can also inhabit city cemeteries and parks.


They feed mainly on small mammals like rodents and rabbits. They may also feed on other smaller bird, pigeons, earthworms and frogs.


The breeding time of tawny owls begins in March. Females lay two to sex eggs. Hatchlings leave the nest after 30 days. They cannot still fly but hop from one branch to another.

The chicks are taken care of by the parents for almost 3 months.

Tawny owls stay in a monogamous relationship for life. The pair is territorial with little changes in its territory over time and guards its territory throughout.


Tawny owls are nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. They, however, may occasionally hunt during the day when they have to feed the young.

Tawny Owl in Harry Potter

Tawny owl facts

A tawny owl, named Pigwidgeon featured in the Harry Potter series as Ron’s pet.

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