Knowledgeable Scientific Facts About Neanderthals

Facts About Neanderthals

The neanderthals, our closest relatives, lived in Eurasia more than 200 thousand years ago. However little we know of them, it’s more than we have known about any other “homo”-genus. Here are some amazing facts about Neanderthals. They had a strong reasoning capacity Although lower than Homo-Sapiens, they too had an amazing reasoning capacity. Through … Read more Knowledgeable Scientific Facts About Neanderthals

Facts About Archaeopteryx

Archeopteryx is an extinct species which shared characters with both dinosaurs and modern birds. They lived during the Upper Jurassic period about 150.8-148.5 million years ago, in what we today know as Southern Germany. Read on to discover interesting facts on Archaeopteryx. Name derived from Greek words The name Archaeopteryx is derived from Greek words … Read more Facts About Archaeopteryx

Facts About the Predatory Terror Birds of Cenozoic Era

Facts About Terror Birds

The phorusrhacids or the “terror birds” were a species of flightless predatory birds that roamed the earth in the Cenozoic Era. It is established that they lived in South America between early Paleocene to the late Pleistocene. It was known for its characteristic hunting style and its competition with dangerous predators like the saber tooth … Read more Facts About the Predatory Terror Birds of Cenozoic Era

Facts About Cave Lions

Cave lions existed about 900,000 years ago in Eurasia and disappeared with the end of the ice age. They were larger, stronger, faster and, more dangerous than the lions that exist today. There still exist drawings by ancient humans of cave lions along with other animals of that time, suggesting they that their physical appearance … Read more Facts About Cave Lions

Fun Facts About Fossils

Fun Facts About Fossils

Fossils are remains of long-dead animals that are still preserved in rocks. They give us an interesting insight into how the living beings were like thousands of years ago and how they evolved into creatures that exist today. Read on to know cool and fun facts about fossils. The oldest of all the fossils The … Read more Fun Facts About Fossils