Ultimate Facts About Weight Loss

Ultimate Facts About Weight Loss

Through time, certain facts and myths were established about weight loss and fat accumulation in humans. We present to you ultimate facts about weight loss. 1. In the 1930s, women used to be made to eat tapeworms in order to lose weight. Tapeworms eat fat cells. Apart from the fact that it was nauseating to … Read more Ultimate Facts About Weight Loss

Interesting Facts About Hummus

Interesting Facts about Hummus

Hummus isn’t as popular as it should be. It has numerous health benefits. In fact, as per a research, Hummus promotes the production of Serotonin, the happy hormone (Source). It is recommended for people who can’t sleep well. It is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and hence helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Read … Read more Interesting Facts About Hummus

Facts About Green Tea

Healthy facts about green tea

Originating in China, green tea is a type of tea made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It takes this name because it maintains its natural coloration during processing. The preparation method differs from traditional teas, as it is not made with boiling water so as not to give a bitter taste to the drink. The … Read more Facts About Green Tea