Weird and Fun Halloween Myths

Halloween Facts and Myths

Evil Spirits, black cats, graveyards and what not. Superstitions are invoked by fear of ghosts and evil spirits. Halloween especially is that spooky time of the year when people pursue these weird superstitions. Halloween is celebrated warding off of evil. We know where it originated from and why we celebrate it. Those are the facts. … Read more Weird and Fun Halloween Myths

Freaky Facts About Halloween

Freaky Facts About Halloween

Year long, from kids to adults, everyone waits for Halloween. It declares the onset of winter and gives us a reason to dress in spooky and creative outfits. For kids, Halloween is all about trick or treat and halloween costumes, but there are several reasons why this festival is so loved. Check out some freaky … Read more Freaky Facts About Halloween

Ghost Facts to Keep You Company on a Lonely Night

No two ghosts are the same                 Ghosts are basically dead people. And most people are good people. So don’t assume that all ghosts are bad. Most ghosts are just ghosts, while the bad ghosts are called “Demons”, which are very rare. Types of ghosts As per Ghostbusters … Read more Ghost Facts to Keep You Company on a Lonely Night