Facts About Horus, The Egyptian God

Horus was a powerful ancient god in Egyptian mythology. He was worshipped in Egypt from the pre-historic era (3100 BCE) to at least Greco-Roman era (8th century BCE). Horus is represented as a man with a falcon’s head and was regarded as the god of the sky. Check out these facts about Horus – the Egyptian … Read more Facts About Horus, The Egyptian God

Facts About Sobek – The Egyptian God

Sobek was one the most iconic deities in ancient Egypt. He is known as the “Crocodile God“. Today, we have knowledge about him from ancient pyramid texts. He was also the god of Nile, which is believed to have emerged from his sweat. The farmers cultivating near the Nile Basin used to worship Sobek in order … Read more Facts About Sobek – The Egyptian God

Unusual Facts About Egypt

Unusual Facts about Egypt

Egyptians gave many innovative things to the world including the 365 day calendar. Known for majestic pyramids, Egypt has the largest pyramid in Giza called Pyramid of Khufu. Egyptians strongly believed in after-life. Also, Eyptians used to love to do make, both men and women! Egyptians loved cats and in fact also worshipped them. Check … Read more Unusual Facts About Egypt