Strange Facts About Cannabis

Strange Facts About Cannabis

Cannabis can depress you, stimulate you and give you hallucinations. However, these effects vary from person to person. The effects do not co-exist.

Meghan Markle has a nephew farmer in Oregon who grows cannabis. On her wedding to Prince harry, he developed a new variety of cannabis and named it “Markle Sparkle”.

The Hindu Lord Shiva is always associated with cannabis or “bhang” in the local language. On his anniversary, people often offer him “bhang” and also drink it.

Ingesting cannabis can take away your REM sleep. When you quit cannabis, there is a rebound period of REM sleep which gives you intense vivid dreams.

Bob Marley believed that cannabis shouldn’t be smoked for recreation but for religious and spiritual purposes.

One can find widespread growth of cannabis plants all over Northern Japan.

Bruce Lee was an avid user of cannabis.

There is a drug called “reverse cannabis” which induces exactly the opposite effects of cannabis. It reduces appetite, improves short-term memory, and causes depressive disorders.

Carl Sagan supported the use or cannabis. He once used a pseudonym Mr. X to write a paper advocating the use of cannabis.

Cannabis was made illegal after a testament by a man in 1937 that it made white women like black men.

To die of cannabis overdose, you will have to ingest 680 kilograms of cannabis within 15 minutes.

In Bhutan, no one really cares about cannabis. It grows wildly everywhere and is in fact widely used to feed pigs.

Ibuprofen has been known to reduce the short term memory loss that comes with cannabis intake.

Iceland is the largest smoker of cannabis in the world. At least 20% of the population claim to be regular smokers.

Human breast milk has endocannabinoids similar to those in cannabis which increases appetite.

Cannabis is used to decontaminate the radioactive soil in Chernobyl.

Sale and possession of cannabis is completely legal in North Korea.

Cannabis was the first thing to be ever sold online. It was a trade between MIT and Stanford students.

Queen Victoria used cannabis to help her through menstrual cramps.

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