Soaring Facts About Olympics

Weirdest Incidents at the Olympics

Two Japanese pole vault players tied for the second place in 1936 Berlin Olympics. They refused to participate in the tie-breaker. When they came back to Japan, they cut their silver and bronze medals in half and made two half-silver and half-bronze medals.

In 1908, Russia’s olympic team reached the Olympic venue 12 days late because they were still using the Julian calendar instead of the modern Gregorian calendar.

All of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics medals are being made with discarded electronics.

Michael Phelps has more Olympic gold medals than 80% of the countries.

Jim Thorpe’s shoes were stolen just before the the Olympic decathlon. He wore mismatched shoes for the event and won the gold medal and also made a world record which stayed unbroken for 20 years.

Tug-of-war used to be an Olympic sport. The last time it was played was in 1912, when only two nations participated Sweden and Great Britain. Sweden won the gold and Great Britain got the silver.

In the 1928 Olympics, Australian rower, Bobby Pearce stopped midway his rowing race to let a family of ducks pass. Although he could have rowed around them, but he chose to stop. He still managed to win the gold medal.

Wilma Rudolph, who became the fastest woman in 1960 had polio as an infant. She could not walk properly until the age of 11. She needed leg massage many times a day and had to wear a metal brace. In 1960 Olympics, she won three gold medals.

The record for highest number of Olympic medals was 12 and was held by Leonidas of Rhodes which was maintained for 2100 years until Michael Phelps broke it with 16 individual medals.

In 1912 summer Olympics, a marathoner quit the race and went home to Japan without informing. He finished the marathon in 1966. His total complete time was 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds.

Japanese gymnast, Shun Fujimoto broke his knee at the 1976 Olympics but didn’t tell anyone. He managed to win the gold despite the injury.

The Olympic Torch Relay was invented by the Nazis. It was used the first time in 1936 summer Olympics.

Usain Bolt ate 1,000 chicken nuggets in 10 days during 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The 1904 Olympics marathon was the strangest marathon ever run. Some runners fainted due to lack of water accessibility and high temperature, a runner was chased off by dogs off the course, a runner used a car to finish first, and a runner was forced to ingest rat poison as a stimulant.

When Brazil couldn’t afford to send its team to 1932 Olympics, they loaded the ship with coffee and sold it on their way.

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