Shaking Facts About Horror Movies

Shaking Facts About Horror Movies

Horror movies often have sounds that are infrasounds which are below the range of human hearing. However, these sounds are capable of eliciting fear, anxiety, and shivering. These sounds are placed just before a horrific scene.

The director of movie, The Shining, filmed all the scenes of the 7 year old boy Danny Lloyd without letting him realize he was shooting for a horror movie.

There a PG-rated horror movie made on tomatoes revolting against the humans. The only way to stop the tomatoes is a song called “Puberty Love”.

When the director of the movie Cannibal Holocaust showed the movie to people of a remove village, they thought the movie was a comedy and was in fact the funniest thing they had ever seen. It was the first movie the remote villagers had ever watched.

The movie Cannibal Holocaust is the most violent movie of all time. It is banned in several countries. The movie’s director was made to prove that no people actually died in the movie. The movie is also the second highest grossing movie in Japan.

Steven Spielberg directed a horror movie called Something Evil. The movie was however, never released.

The horror movie sounds are made by the instrument called “waterphone”.

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Martha Stewart once dated. However Martha could not date him again because she could not stop thinking about his cannibalistic character, Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.

The house in the movie “The Silence of the Lambs” couldn’t be sold for more than a year because people were too scared to buy it. The house still looks the same as it did in the movie.

As per the study of how much heart-rate do horror movies increase, the highest is for the movie “The Exorcist. While the highest heart rate ever occurred in a horror movie scene is the “Here’s Johnny” scene in The Shining.

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