Random List of Bizarre Facts

Random List of Bizarre Facts

Here are some amazing and bizarre random facts.

There is a light bulb in Livermore that is  burning since 1901. It is a carbon filament bulb located at the 6th Fire Station in Livermore, California. Nobody knows how it is still burning.

Tears of joy, happiness and other types look different under a microscope. Every tear is different in their organic enzymes, antibodies, oils, etc. Tears of sadness first fall from the left eye and then the right.

In 1919, a storage tank exploded in Boston spilling 2 million gallons of molasses. It caused a wave of molasses 4.5 meters high and 48.7 meters wide. It killed 21 people and wounded 150. It is known as “The Great Molasses Flood”.

In 2009, a 4-year-old cat inherited 13 million dollars, property and real estate in Rome, Milan and Calabria. Maria Asunción rescued a cat from the streets and when she died she left her pet everything she owned.

The 17-year-old Robert G.Heft designed the flag of the United States in 1958 as a part of high school project. He received a B for his work.

George Washington’s teeth were of hippopotamus ivory. In addition to the ivory, he had dentures of many other materials such as lead, gold, metal wire, springs and brass screws.

American actor Edwin booth saved the life of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln. Todd Lincoln slipped from the platform while waiting for a train. Booth held him by his neck saving him from falling in front of the approaching train.

Potoooooooo or Pot-8-Os was the name of a race horse. A boy was told to write his name as Potato on horse’s feed bin, but he misunderstood it as Pot – 8 – o. The owner had a hearty laugh and decided to keep his name Potoooooooo.

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