psychological facts about love and crushes

Psychological Facts About Love And Crushes

Love is a complex emotion that takes us places, makes us happy but can also be painful. We know that it’s all a game of hormones, but what and how do different scenarios in love and crush impact our brain? What gets us attracted, and what annoys us, here are some psychological facts about love and crushes that you should know. After all, we gotta know how our own psychology functions, right?

Kissing helps us choose our partner

Studies have proven that kisses are not only beautiful and stimulating, but help us choose our partner. In this survey, women and men were asked to rate how kisses are important in finding the right partner. Both sexes agreed that it is important in mate choice .

In addition, kissing is also essential to maintain a relationship. Finally, the scientists have found that there is a relationship between the number of kisses that take place in a long-standing relationship and the quality of that relationship. So if you want to maintain your relationship, you should kiss your partner regularly.

Lust and love are shared by a region in the brain

Similar brain regions are stimulated by both love and lust. But at the same time you can also have sex without love . Men are known to better at the same than women.

Long distance relationships can work!

Many people are of the opinion that long – distance relationships do not work in the long term because they do not see enough of one another and therefore feelings could disappear.

However, a new study from the UK sees it differently. According to this, the deciding factor is to maintain a long-distance communication. The exchange of intimate information and details that you would actually keep for yourself. So you strengthen the bond to each other and thus increase confidence. So you can actually manage to have a stable long distance relationship.

Is Love a Drug?

Love releases dopamine, serotonin, or noradrenaline, and that’s why when we’re in love, we feel excited, full of energy, and with an optimistic outlook on life. Again, it feels similar to that experienced by those who make use of chemicals.

Some scientific studies tend to show that love is a drug whose effects are comparable to those produced by cocaine or nicotine. Love probably involves the reward systems and brain regions affected by the action of drugs.

Love Does Make Your Heart Ache

psychological facts about love and crushes

Pains in the stomach, chest,  and a brief feeling of crushing. The individuals who are hurt describe precise symptoms. Is the disease of love a simple popular expression or is there a biophysical reality to this state?

All subjective sensations are accompanied by changes in brain activity. Purely “psychological” causes at the origin (example of mourning or love separation) may be accompanied by localized physical sensations. This does not mean that the organ concerned is at risk. On the other hand it can lead to serious disorders, such as depression, which can become a real disease.

The drugs bypass the normal systems and directly stimulate, by a chemical action, the transmission by dopamine. In other words, drugs hack into normal systems.

The butterflies in your stomach are caused by the adrenaline rush you get after looking at your crush.

Couples look more and more alike after 25 years of relationship

A Psychology study found that couples who have been married for more than 25 years have increasingly similar facial features. This was confirmed by independent observers. The reason for this could be the always living in the similar environment, the influence of the other person on each other’s actions and the mutual empathy for each other.

Love hits your heart in 0.2 seconds

psychological facts about love and crushes

It takes only a fifth of a second for your hormones to give off a sense of euphoria in your brain as you look at your crush. Brain perception studies indicate that there are 12 different brain areas that deal with the feelings of love.

It’s Not Easy for Your Brain to Fall in Love

Love is an emotion but a “state of motivation directed towards a specific objective”, a motivation aimed at obtaining and preserving the object of our affections. According to psychology, falling in love with someone requires excellent concentration, motivation, positive thoughts as well as a good memory.

Do Opposites Really Attract?

In a study, it was found that people are more attracted to those who share similar beliefs as well have similar cognition. In fact, in many couples it was also noted that they even have similar looks. Basically, we love ourselves so much that we look for a partner that is the same as us. Doesn’t surprise me.

Love Is Literally in the Air

Humans emit Pheromones, which are basically a scent of sex appeal emitted by humans. Humans release them during perspiration and can subconsciously detect them. Some even call pheromones as the behavior altering agents that trigger the sexual desire in the opposite sex of the same species. No wonder why women find sweaty men attractive.

Love and Pheromones: psychological facts about love and crushes

Although, pheromones won’t make anyone jump on you like a wild cat. Pheromones just initiate a quiet arousal in the person.

Cuddling is a Great Alternative to Painkillers

cuddling and love: psychological facts about love and crushes

Cuddling releases Oxytocin hormone which reduces stress, headache and any other physical pain.

Timing is Crucial in Love

It is observed that two people are more likely to fall in love when they are on an adventure trip, visiting a new country, starting their first year in college, or doing something new and different in life. It makes the subconsciously ready to be more open.

Love and the Pratfall Effect

It’s true that we love it when someone we love makes cute silly mistake. In fact, liking someone who makes mistakes is also much easier. The psychological effect is known as the Pratfall Effect. Although don’t make so many mistakes that it starts being annoying.

The pratfall effect - How making mistakes make you more likable

A cute guilty smile after making a mistake is also irreplaceable.

The psychological reason behind this could be, people who are too perfect intimidate us. If you want to know more on this, you can check out this write up on Pratfall Effect and increasing interpersonal effectiveness.

Time to Fall in Love

Psychologists say that it takes only about 4 minutes to fall in love. Also, people usually notice your body language more than your words.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Broken heart Syndrome: psychological facts about love and crushes

Heart doesn’t just break metaphorically. Break Ups or loss of your loved one can actually cause physical pain in the heart. This phenomenon is known as Broken Heart Syndrome.

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